“Kris got me in a space to take control of my life, take control of my eating habits and lose some weight in the process.  The most significant overall change she helped me with was letting go of stress to conform to a certain number on the scale. I AM good as I am.  She got me to listen to my body not to be afraid to experiment while being kind to myself.

I appreciate that Kris is on top of all the latest information about health and helps to navigate all the confusion coming at us from all directions.  Her advice is solid.  You can depend on it!                           ~ A.P., Bookkeeper


“Kris helped me achieve my goals by providing resources and information that enabled me to make healthier choices. Additionally, Kris helped me recognize how and when to make appropriate course corrections along the way.

The biggest tangible changes I have achieved through working with Kris are: (1) My success in maintaining my weight loss for the first time in 50+ years (having been a serial dieter since high school); and, (2) I have also had the lowest blood pressure reading of my adult life; and furthermore, (3) I continue to be interested in learning more about the information, actions and activities that will support these changes going forward.

Because of Kris’ encouragement and insight, I am learning to tune into what my body is telling me to support My Path to Wellness. I am confident that what I have learned from my sessions with Kris will continue to sustain me in engaging with practices that support my Overall Wellness.”             ~L.S.


“I have long suffered from what was diagnosed as Benign Peroxisomal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). Basically, microscopic calcium crystals develop in the fluid of the inner ear and throw off the signals to the brain about your bodies’ orientation, thereby creating hyper dizziness that is completely debilitating.

Working with Kris and a number of doctors we determined that the leading cause was dehydration which led to the calcium crystal build-up. Kris identified that my habit of drinking diet Cokes was the primary contributor to the dehydration. In consultation, she showed how the chemicals and the caffeine in the soda actually deplete the body of moisture at an extremely high rate.

Following Kris’ advice, and switching to water versus the diet soda, I immediately saw a reduction in instances of vertigo and now haven’t had a “spin session” in several years.”                                                                                               ~ S. Allen, Mortgage Loan Officer


This is for anyone who wants to make permanent, healthy changes without the guilt trip. Even though I’ve known Kris for many years, working with her for these 6 months have given me an opportunity to appreciate how good she is at this. She’s always learning and passing along new things but will go at your pace. She supplied healthy recipes and substitutions for unhealthy meals, would explain how certain foods work for/against my body. One of the biggest tangible changes I have noticed since beginning the program has been, I eat salads on a regular basis and I’m more aware when I make my grocery list. Kris is knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging and always positive.

~S. Nitchman, Graphic Artist


Your enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter and desire to get people on the “path to wellness” is contagious”. – L. S.


“I would recommend Kris to  EVERYONE! Specifically, anyone who feels like the best years are behind them and that the future is unchangeable. Am so grateful for her in so many ways but especially because she has taken me, a 57 almost 58 year old woman with TERRIBLE/at best inconsistent eating habits AND with serious health issues (the “tri-fecta” – diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.) When I started, my A1C (the magic diabetes number) was 7.1 (6.9 is the cut-off for officially being diabetic so not too terrible), blood pressure was elevated and my cholesterol was terrible- the triglycerides were especially concerning. I recently learned that I was classified as heading toward a “cardiac event.” Thank the Lord I was already on my new program when I heard this or I might have had that cardiac event right in the office! At some point, it’s so easy to say I’m an old dog set in my ways but THIS old dog wanted very much to learn new tricks but deep down didn’t think I could ever do it, especially for the long haul. Kris is truly a gift – she will be your biggest cheerleader and advocate. She is a font of good advice and information with a heart of gold – how can you beat that?! Can’t recommend her enough! ”  ~C. S., Actress & Comedian


“Kris helped me reach goals I have been aiming toward for years. I learned how to read labels at the supermarket and make healthier food choices for my family and me. I am more mindful with my eating habits. She gave me tools to still enjoy my favorites without overdoing or feeling guilty. Kris also taught me to add things to my diet, rather than subtract, which interestingly had never been an option with fad diets I tried in the past. For over 15 years with hypothyroidism, my counts have improved and I may even be able to reduce my medication! Lastly, and very importantly, I worked through some issues and ideas that were bogging me down, holding me back, from the best version of myself. I would highly recommend Kris to anyone wanting to improve their health, well-being and happiness”.                                                                            ~ J. H., Teacher & Busy mother of 3


I want to thank you for your recent therapeutic massage for my lower back and leg pain.  I recommend anyone who is experiencing body pain to make an appointment with you and discuss their options.”

—Jennifer Langstaff, investment adviser

I’ve had issues with edema and nerve pain for years after walking through radiation. Just 3 MediCupping sessions, not only is my arm looking more normal but I no longer have any tingling in my fingers!”

–PL Crowns

“I want to take a moment to thank you for helping me de-stress with all of our massage sessions. I’ve had massage in the past but have never had a lasting affect quite like I get from your massage!”

—Chrissy Hartley, escrow officer

“Thank you, I was able to walk my grandson down the isle for his wedding without my cain.  You were able to stop the pain of my sciatica and I was able to fly home with no pain.  I want to take you home!”

—Gladys Lake

“My wife has not had a headache for over a week since you worked on her.  Thank you!”                                                   —Geoff Lyons, master technician

“Kris has been coming to my home regularly for years.  I feel that massage plays an important role in “whole body” health and wellness.  Consequently I am rarely sick and almost never need to go to the doctor unless it is for a wellness checkup.  I believe a healthy diet, regular exercise, and regular massage are important components to my “stay-out-of-the-doctor’s-office” strategy.  Kris makes achieving that goal easy for me.  She is consistent, reliable, enthusiastic, versatile, knowledgeable, and it goes without saying…an excellent therapist.  I always feel wonderful after her bodywork.” 

—Dr. Dan Solomon

“I am so grateful for your “magic touch” last week!  I have never had back pain before, so it was very surprising and scary to feel as if I could not walk across the room.  The massage that you gave me was a lifesaver.  Your knowledge and technique combined with your genuine concern, make for a wonderful overall experience, and gave me such relief.  Thank you again!”

~Jan Cantu, Seamstress

“Oh my God, I had the best massage ever by Kris in Paso Robles.  I was down from San Fran and my neck was killing me, to the point that I could not turn my head.  A gal I was with said there was lady in town that’s pretty good. That’s an understatement! I’ve received lots of massage in my time but this was the best ever!   She knew right where to touch without any direction from me.  I wish I could have taken her home.  I’ll be back for her  ‘magic touch’ again soon.”  

   -Kelly Lukens, Tech Manager

“Kris Allen is the best massage therapist in Paso Robles. She helped me recover from a sports injury by using the right techniques. On a fun day at the office, Kris came and gave all of our staff members a chair massage. Everyone loved it. She is very friendly and professional. I recommend her.”

-ScottBrennan, Access Publishing


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