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Is this the YEAR!? The year you’re setting your New Year’s Resolutions to lose the weight for good. Then let me help you form those Resolutions into Solutions. In just one strategy session together we can create an action plan that turns those Resolutions into Results! Long-Term Solutions: Quick-fixes are appealing for a variety of


‘Authenticity happens in the guts and bowels of your life. Being authentic is the grunt work of the soul, of any deeply human, spiritual path’.  Author unknown Saw this the other day and it HIT home big time. (Sparking this blog) I always talk about being authentic, who you and I are supposed to be

Coping – Raw & Personal

Coping Mechanisms How many of you rely on coping mechanisms? Are they of any benefit, do they help or only add fuel to the fire? The definition of coping, is the conscious effort to reduce stress.  Psychological coping mechanisms are commonly termed as strategies or skills. Perceived control is an important resource in coping with


Weaknesses I’m sitting here in my office, working on this and that before my first client this morning. My window open slightly, listening to the fountain bubble away, the rain pattering on the leaves and on the roof, thinking of how grateful I am. I’m actually working on a coaching form I downloaded from a


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