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Deep Dive into Digestion #4

Feeling Great! I am feeling Great! How? Simple, I altered just three things in my diet. All based on the results I got from my GUT test by Viome. What are the changes you ask? Coffee, Almonds, and all things Cocoanut. I hear you moaning over the loss of coffee from here! For my GUT

Results you WANT

Is this the YEAR!? The year you’re setting your New Year’s Resolutions to lose the weight for good. Then let me help you form those Resolutions into Solutions. In just one strategy session together we can create an action plan that turns those Resolutions into Results! Long-Term Solutions: Quick-fixes are appealing for a variety of

Deep Dive Digestion #3

Suprise you shouldn’t eat that! I just finished pouring over my test results again (there’s a lot of information provided).  I now have an idea of how I need to “coach” myself towards better health and lose the last of my weight, based on the findings from getting my poop tested.  I have three areas

Deep Dive Digestion #2

Know your GUT!! Deep Dive #2 After many hours of pouring over my Gut Results from, I discovered just how accurate this test is. I’ve been asked by many interested fellow coaches, friends and clients for that matter about just how accurate and reliable this testing is. I’m here to say for MY test

Tips for Your Thanksgiving Table

A Few Ideas for The Vegetarians at Your Thanksgiving Table Thanksgiving approaches, we are inundated with recipes for how to dress and season a turkey, the main dish and delicious centerpiece for our holiday tables. But what if you have a vegetarian coming to dinner? Preparing for a vegetarian can be a simple task, once

So, what can I really eat!???

This is my journey into my own Digestive health It all started last year in the last lecture for school by Deepak Chopra.  He was explaining how diverse we all are and used eating spinach as an example. When someone who doesn’t have a certain gut flora eats something as benign as spinach it could

Put a litte more $$ back in your pocket!

Looking to put more $$ in your pocket? Check your diet!   Did you know that if you eat healthily you could save you serious money!??  A recent study shows that, for each person in poor health, eating more healthful meals alone would save $9,000 a year in health care costs.  Now, try earning that

What really happens after drinking a soda!??

  First 10 Minutes: 10+ teaspoons of sugar hit your system. (100% of your recommended daily intake.)  You don’t immediately vomit from the overwhelming sweetness because of the added phosphoric acid cuts the flavor allowing you to keep it down   20 Minutes: Your blood sugar level spikes, causing an insulin burst.  Your liver responds

Off the rails

Summer has come to an end. Now you’re thinking “I should get back on track” with your eating and lifestyle after a few months of “off the rails” play. I’m here to tell you STOP that line of thinking! I going to tell you right now, you didn’t “fall off the rails or get off

Size Matters!

Size does matter in the world of Cholesterol Before I get started, I need to share a concept that has great baring in this article. Get to know and love this word- Bio-individuality. It means simply, there is no one way of eating that fits everyone. We all are unique, and our bodies respond to


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