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I’ve been hearing a lot in the past few weeks from clients and friends who are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with their eating habits. This quarantine has everyone (myself included) eating WAAAY too many cookies, baked goods, or indulging in choices that is out of the norm.

As I’ve been working on getting MY nutrition more on par, I realized that I needed to start CROWDING OUT the unhealthful stuff by ADDING IN more of the good stuff! In today’s shopping environment this is somewhat more difficult than it used to be, however, it is still possible!

Raid your pantry and create what I call “One-pot meals” (last night it was a can of black beans, package of Knorr Spanish Rice-instant, leftover green peas & some frozen corn) are a good answer as are huge green salads! I’ve been relying on these over the past couple of weeks, especially when I am not in the mood to cook! They’re simple, easy, and nutritious. The trick is to get your hands on those healthy ingredients.

For my family, besides starting our own salad garden (which are starting to sprout!) I’m relying on friends with gardens and a fresh produce box I pick up once a week in town. It’s reasonable in price and it’s fresh as well as organic. If you’re comfortable venturing out and adhering to the new public protocols (the wearing of a face coving for nose and mouth) farmers’ markets are still being held in some cities. There are also a few fruit & veggie stands that have popped up in neighborhoods as well.

When you shop or place your order on Instacart as we do now, I encourage you to start to order more healthful foods to help CROWD OUT the unhealthful stuff. Thus, you are removing temptation.

On a budget now? NO problem, Shoot for more economical protein sources like beans, nuts, seeds, nut butter, low-fat dairy, vegetables, and less-expensive cuts of meat. Beans and lentils are always lower in cost than meat. Chicken thighs are $2.29 per pound while dried beans are $3.49 per pound. BUT one pound of beans will yield 5-6 cups of cooked beans or about 3 pounds. So, the beans are a better deal. They are also high in fiber.

I hope you all are doing well during this crazy time!

If there is anything, I can do to support you better, please reach out. I’ve been brainstorming for several days about how I can show up and serve more during this time.

I’m a resource, use me!

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Remember to Always Stay Amazed,

Kris Allen

Integrative Nutritional Health Coach / Author

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