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You Can Create Your Own Sour Patch Kids Mix And We’ll Take All Redberry, Please

Best. Idea. Ever.

With most assorted candies, the odds are pretty high that you’re going to have a favorite color-slash-flavor you’d rather reach for over the others. And usually, there’s one you have zero issues sharing with a friend.

Well, Sour Patch Kids now lets you create your own mix, and you can pick and choose from their eight different flavors to find the combo that’s perfect for you.

The feature was spotted by Instagram account @JunkFoodMom and they’re just as stoked as you’d expect. “Did you know you can head on over to Sourpatchkids.com and create your own mix? Mix and match your favs with 8 flavor options. All 8? Just one? The choice is yours,” they wrote:

You can order these in an awesome personalized box or by the bag in 2- and 5-pound sizes. Great also for baby showers, candy tables or pick your favorite team colors. How about a box for your Valentine? ? My Mix would be Blue Raspberry, Pink Strawberry, and White Pineapple. What’s yours? ?

People went bananas in the comments picking out their dream mixes, which, of course, they did.

Want to try it out yourself? Just go to SourPatchKids.com. The process is pretty simple from there. Just pick out your favorite flavors, decide what kind of packaging you want (in addition to the bigger sizes, you can also do party favor treat bags and tins!), and then personalize it.

A two-pound box of Redberry kids with a personalized message will set you back $24.99, for example, which isn’t too bad when you think about all the time you’ll save not having to pick through other bags to get the right mix. Gotta go load up on some party favors now…


Yes, the above is a REAL advertisement for a candy

Why this is the Worst Idea EVER!!!

First, let’s start with the number of teaspoons are contained in one pound of sugar = 108!  The daily recommended amount by the WHO (World Health Organization) is 0 – 9 teaspoons.

Think about that for a moment, a child can create their very own candy containing up to 218 teaspoons of sugar in a 2-pound size SourPatchKid. And they think this is a good idea!?

Now let’s talk about those amazing colors. Who doesn’t love brightly colored foods! That deep red frosting on a cupcake to the purple of your grape gummy bear or that amazing blue of your new 2 pound SourPatchKid.

Ever wonder how your favorite colors are made?

Color additives are any dyes, pigments, or substances that add color to foods. They are often used to offset the discoloring of food when it’s exposed to light, air, or temperature extremes. It’s also used to correct natural color variations, enhance naturally occurring colors, and to add color to those foods that are naturally white or colorless. There are zero nutritional benefits to color additives. Some color additives are made from plant extracts, and others are made synthetically, are petroleum-based and created in the factory.

Note – Every color that has a number after it means it was created in a factory and is derived from petroleum. The brighter the color, the more dye is contained within that food/candy.

Trust me these SourPatchKids colors are NOT natural. I can guarantee the Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow ALL have numbers next to them.


So, let’s summarize, not only are you exceeding common sense and the daily recommended amount of sugar but now you are also feeding a child a chemical that’s petroleum-based.

Not sure who thought this a good idea I sure don’t. In fact, when I commented on this post, I was called a “Killjoy”, “Don’t be such a Debby downer”, among other things.

I’ll be honest this type of thing makes my skin crawl and my blood boil. This is why 1 in 3 kids is overweight and that 1 in 5 kids are diagnosed with “adult-onset type 2 diabetes”. We MUST do better by our children and grandchildren.

THIS is why I’m so very passionate about educating everyone.

Disease doesn’t have to be a normal way of aging! Especially when it starts at age 5!!!


If interested in learning more contact me and let’s get a conversation started


Remember to stay amazed,



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