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What is Kryptonite?



{(in the fictional world of the comic book, TV, and film character Superman) an alien mineral that has the property of depriving Superman of his powers.

“the evil Lex Luthor diminishes Superman’s powers with kryptonite” -something that can seriously weaken or harm a particular person or thing.}


Bingo! “Something that can seriously weaken or harm a particular person.”

Coffee. Yes, sadly, this is my Kryptonite among a few others.  And it really is.

For the past few weeks, since receiving my results from my Viome test, call it denial or rebellion, I’ve continued to have my coffee in the morning. (Yep, even we health coaches’ rebel upon occasion). Because I’ve been drinking coffee, it has triggered a virus in my gut that destroys/eats my good gut flora. (Again know this from results form Viome testing)  This is where my kryptonite in the form of coffee has been harming my body.

Through continuing to rebel in this way, I have been weakening my gut flora. No matter how healthful my choices have been these weeks, my body has NOT been using or absorbing the nutrients I’ve been feeding it. And yesterday I paid the price.

I was out with my family for a great Sunday afternoon lunch at our favorite spot.  I ordered the clam chowder.  I’d had my “rebel cup of coffee” that morning. This set a whole cascade of events into motion.

The bottom line is this:

I ended up with HORRIFIC heartburn. To the point that it had settled between my shoulder blades, had I not known that my heart was in good shape (had a cardiac calcium count done) and that I had been on top of my diet, I would have asked my husband to take me to the ER!  (Note- for some women heartburn CAN be a symptom of a heart attack).

The moral of the post is this, when you learn that a food or drink is your Kryptonite, believe it and make a change.

I now will be passing on ALL coffee and clam chowder in the future ?

If you want to learn more about this or what your Kryptonite is, reach out and let’s get ya educated about YOU!

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