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Feeling Great!

I am feeling Great! How? Simple, I altered just three things in my diet. All based on the results I got from my GUT test by Viome.

What are the changes you ask? Coffee, Almonds, and all things Cocoanut.

I hear you moaning over the loss of coffee from here!

For my GUT and overall health, coffee is a form of kryptonite to me. It’s not that I don’t have the proper gut flora aka gut flowers to process the coffee and the caffeine, it’s that I have a particular gut virus (as does 50% of the population BTW), “uncultured phage crAssphage”:

  • The crAssphage virus is a bacteriophage, or ‘eater of bacteria.’ It infects species of Bacteroides, a group that makes up 50% of gut bacteria on average and behaves as both good and bad bacteria. Most of the time the relationship is mutually beneficial: we provide a home; they help digest our food. But they can also be harmful, being associated with health issues such as diabetes and obesity. ~ A Common Virus Is Eating Your Gut Bacteria, JV Chamary

It so happens that Coffee (just one of the many foods) feeds this particular virus. Which means, it “eats” my good bacteria or gut flowers.  This can cause a whole host of symptoms, not just tummy upsets, but more serious things like inflammation, and we all know that THAT in itself is a HUGE issue for the body, creating the perfect environment for disease to set up house and wreak your health.

To answer your question, what do I drink now? Herbal teas or hot water with lemon in the morning. And NO, I don’t really miss the coffee or the caffeine. (Those who know me, know I’m already “wired” in nature 😉)

The other two changes of getting away from all things almond or coconut has altered my health as well. I will admit these two have been a harder challenge to replace, as they have been apart of me and my family’s life.  I used coconut water in my morning smoothies, and in our home, if one of us is ill, coconut is a got-to for hydration and electrolytes. Almond milk has been a staple in my kitchen since we gave up dairy years ago.  I’m learning to lean into Oat-milk.


By shifting just these three items out of my diet, I’ve noticed a HUGE change. Looking forward to seeing what happens when I cut alcohol and sugar out of my diet next year.  Yes, you read right, and that’s a post for another time 😉

Side note: I ‘am exporting how to have the Viome test kit in my office to offer to clients should it be indicated or to those who show interest.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic or anything else health-related please reach out and let’s get a conversation started.

Remember to Stay Amazed!



Stay tuned for Deep Dive #5

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