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Suprise you shouldn’t eat that!

I just finished pouring over my test results again (there’s a lot of information provided).  I now have an idea of how I need to “coach” myself towards better health and lose the last of my weight, based on the findings from getting my poop tested.  I have three areas of opportunity to work with my hydration, proteins, and something called oxalates.

As I’ve stated before in the previous posts that I was surprised at some of the findings. One of them is that I’ve come to learn,  I am one of those who Deepak Chopra talked about in that last lecture for school, that when someone who doesn’t have a certain gut flora eats something as benign as spinach, it could result in Kidney stones. It turns out, it’s not only is it spinach, but even my go to’s Sweet Potatoes. And I learned WHY.

Why you ask, well, based on the Oxalate Metabolism Pathway test: “This score assesses the levels of activity of all microbial pathways needed to break down or metabolize oxalate. Oxalates are a major contributor to kidney stones. Oxalate-metabolizing microbes can help you by removing and digesting oxalate that you ingested from food. A good score means oxalate metabolizing activities are high in your microbiome. When this score needs improvement, you may see some of the foods high in oxalate content on your list to minimize or even avoid”.

After doing some digging and research, this is going to be a tough one to “coach” myself through. See, some of the foods I need to minimize or stop eating are ones that I use for cravings, like sweet potatoes or for plant-based proteins Almonds and Cashews (There goes my killer cashew/date coffee creamer. Oh wait, coffee is kryptonite to me).

What are Oxalates and Why are They a Concern for Kidney Stones, you ask?

Oxalates are a substance that’s naturally in many foods. They bind to calcium during digestion in the stomach and intestines and leave the body in our stools. … If there is too much oxalate and too little liquid in the urine, calcium oxalate fragments can create oxalate stones in the kidneys.

Who knew, more people get this type of kidney stone than any other. And BTW, a kidney stone is exactly that, a hard mass of minerals and salts that forms in the kidneys. Certain foods and drinks contain chemicals that can lead to these sometimes-painful crystals.

Many plants contain oxalate, so it’s hard to avoid it entirely. But some foods have much more than others. Try to limit:

Spinach / Rhubarb / Almonds and cashews / Miso soup / Grits / Baked potatoes with skin / Beets / Cocoa powder / Okra / Bran cereals and shredded wheat cereals / French fries / Raspberries / Stevia sweeteners / Sweet potatoes


My other Aha is that even eating a primarily Plant-Based diet, and I’m still getting too many proteins!

This test is called Putrescine Production Pathways:  “This score assesses the levels of activity of all microbial pathways that lead to putrescine production. Putrescine is a molecular byproduct of protein fermentation – a microbial breakdown of protein. If the activities of putrescine production pathways are too high, it can be harmful to the gut environment and the intestinal barrier lining. It is also one of the signs that you may be eating too much protein that may not be digested properly”.

I’ve been leaning towards a Vegetarian style of eating, enjoying whole foods and plants with maybe an egg or once a week a game hen as a source of animal protein. I was finding that I had a little less energy. When I added the eggs, game hen, or salmon, I found I felt better. Based on the test findings I’m going to need to change things up a bit.

I’m working on creating a meal plan based on the foods that are considered MY “superfoods” and those that my body will digest normally, based on my gut Bio-individuality.  Giving my microbiome a chance to heal and in the process, feel even more healthful and drop the last of the weight.


Stay tuned for my next Deep Dive into Digestion…

If you are interested in this subject or this testing please contact me, and let’s get a conversation started…..



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