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This is my journey into my own Digestive health

It all started last year in the last lecture for school by Deepak Chopra.  He was explaining how diverse we all are and used eating spinach as an example. When someone who doesn’t have a certain gut flora eats something as benign as spinach it could result in Kidney stones.

This really got me thinking. As an Integrative Health & Wellness coach, I always encourage clients to add dark greens like spinach to their salads to kick up the nutritional value and get a little more bang for their buck. “Do I have to stop encouraging clients to do this? What if there are other foods that can react with their gut flora this way?”


Back story

I grew up with a mom that enjoyed the finer things when it came to food and was an amazing cook.  We had great meals all the time. Some of those meals were lobster (very occasional) or other shellfish meals.  As long as I can remember, about 30-60 minutes after those meals I’d end up in the bathroom or at the very least with belly cramps/aches. Never putting 2+2 together that I might have a food allergy or a sensitivity to shellfish… I just never had it enough to notice.

It was at a Christmas office party that I learned the hard way. My body can’t process shellfish. I actually ended up in the ER.  They had served shrimp scampi, oh man was it delish!! Later that night I woke my husband with horrible belly aches and just couldn’t stop vomiting. We got to the ER and after a few meds the tummy settled down and they got 2 bags of saline in me. When the doctor was finishing his examination he asked, “So, how long have you been allergic to shellfish?”

Allergy? What allergy? Those were the thoughts flying through my mind. Then. PING! LIGHT BULB!!

I smiled back at him and said, “Oh, that explains an awful lot.” He smiled and wrote a prescription for an anti-nausea drug and sent me home.


Fast forward

When I heard Deepak talk about the gut and how some folks can’t eat spinach without getting Kidney stones, I was taken back to the conversation with that ER doctor. Apparently, I don’t have the gut flora to process shellfish. Deepak then talked about a test that looks at YOUR gut flora or microbiome and for a fee will provide you lists of foods to avoid and those to use as a superfood. In other words, no more guessing if I have a sensitivity to a food. All based on YOUR unique gut flora.

So, a few months ago, I purchased the kit through  and sent in my sample. Took just a little over a month to get the results, they lowered the price and thus had a big influx of tests, so it took a wee bit longer than normal.

I will say, I’m impressed with the results. They for me are pretty much SPOT ON. Some of the foods that I need to avoid are shellfish, crab, and lobster in particular, and shrimp are ok only if eaten in limited quantity.

Our body is intuitive – we just have to pay attention!

Another thing that I have found so far with my test results is that my natural reluctance to eat certain foods is a real thing. Like jumping onto the Coconut everything bandwagon. Whenever someone would tell me to try this coconut product or that I’d resist. It just never has resonated with me. Now, don’t get me wrong I will be the first person to acknowledge the nutritional value it adds to a diet. For me though, it just never sat right.  I will admit though, I use it in making my morning smoothies, I use coconut water.

Well, again I don’t have the gut flora to properly process and use the macronutrients coconuts provide, including my coconut water. Which BTW, is a great way to get electrolytes elevated when sick.

Soy products. Soy is another one that if I want to eat, I need to do so in small quantities. I found this surprising, though, will say not too much. I’ll be honest, I’ve been shying away from soy products for a few years now.  Soymilk always came across as overly processed as does tofu and other soy-based products. And since most of our soy and corn commercially made products come from GMO plants, I’ve stopped using. Again, an example of my body’s intuition.

I’m enjoying learning about MY body, in a very different and unique way. It’s really all about ME, what my body can and can’t tolerate. What works best, and what foods are my kryptonite 😉


Stay tuned for more Deep Dives in my Digestive track posts.  I’m sharing my experience to help keep folks informed on just how important it is to keep your microbiome aka your gut healthy!


If you are interested in learning more about this subject or other nutritional or health-related topics please fill out the “contact” page and let’s get a conversation started


Remember to stay amazed!



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