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Know your GUT!!

Deep Dive #2

After many hours of pouring over my Gut Results from, I discovered just how accurate this test is. I’ve been asked by many interested fellow coaches, friends and clients for that matter about just how accurate and reliable this testing is. I’m here to say for MY test results they are hitting areas of opportunity I knew I had or suspected.

One of those areas that have been confirmed is my lack of hydration. Drinking water throughout the day is just not high on my priority list (yes, I know it is vital to my health and a necessity of life) I just don’t think about it.  Kind of like my dog, she’s part Terrier and get’s so busy that she doesn’t drink water, well, that’s me too!

I hear you asking how my hydration challenge was confirmed by testing my poop. Simple, one of the tests they perform is Salt Stress Pathways:

“This score assesses the levels of activity of all microbial pathways that signal excessive salt in the gut environment. This kind of signaling activity, when high, suggests that you may need to adjust your salt or sodium intake and your hydration levels. Too much salt for your gut microbiome makes your gut environment less favorable for some beneficial or probiotic organisms to thrive. A good score means that pathway levels that signal microbial salt stress are low.”

Know this, I Do Not Cook with salt, nor do I purchase items with added salt. Any salt I do use is the Himalayan salt or Sea Salt. Both are a Healthier choice vs the Morton iodized table salt most folks have on their dinner tables and in their kitchens.  I’ve been starting to use my Herbamare more and more. It’s a great salt substitute, using herbs and spices. The recipe for this is fascinating. It’s made according to the original recipe of the world-famous Swiss Naturopath, A. Vogel.  All fresh & organic.

So, now I know that I really do need to step up my efforts of hydration!  A side effect of chronic dehydration is not only an unhealthful gut but also a slower metabolism. Not something you want when trying to achieve weight loss.

As most of you know, as a Health & Wellness Coach, I’ve decided NOT to sell or promote any food or supplement products. I WILL, however, when appropriate educate my clients on the benefits and value this test can be to their health and wellness goals.

They have reduced the price, and I am unsure when that will change, if you are interested I encourage you to visit and do your homework to see if this is something that could a potential tool for your healing process.

Please Note: NO, I do NOT receive any financial payments for referring folks to Viome. (I wish, I know of 5 folks who’ve purchased their testing kits 😉)

Stay informed my friends, knowledge is Empowering!

Stay tuned for the next Deep Dive into Digestion


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