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Looking to put more $$ in your pocket? Check your diet!


Did you know that if you eat healthily you could save you serious money!??  A recent study shows that, for each person in poor health, eating more healthful meals alone would save $9,000 a year in health care costs.  Now, try earning that on Wall Street!

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of money out there marketing products for profits, not for our good health. The food industry is doing what it can to make a change in people’s eating habits difficult. They have so far done a great job of keeping sugary beverages and junk food from being taxed more, even though these foods have zero health benefits and drive up health costs due to causing ill health.  We already know, those who eat healthily feel better and have lower health care costs. But, that’s different from knowing how to change people’s diets so that they eat better, especially when the food industry invests so heavily in getting people to eat unhealthy diets.

Because of the SAD (Standard American Diet), Americans suffer from one or more chronic conditions. Close to one-third of our population, more than 100 million adults, have pre-diabetes or diabetes. More than one-third of the population, more than 120 million adults, have cardiovascular disease. And three-quarters of the adult population is obese. These chronic conditions are responsible for hundreds of billions of dollars in health care spending, as well as lost productivity. (Note: Medicare covers a diabetes prevention program, weight-loss counseling, and nutrition counseling.)

All these numbers CAN be changed, and dollars saved when we as a nation start to change our lifestyle and diets to become more healthful.  It doesn’t have to be hard. In 2 years, I’ve dropped 80+ pounds, I no longer take a statin and my blood pressure is back to normal. I don’t see our doctor other than to evaluate blood testing results to see where I am on my journey towards greater health!

My savings from greater health:

Statin = $30 per month = $360 per year = 7 years = $2,520

This is NOT including all the blood testing, doctor visits, co-pays nor is it including my health insurance premium.  You can see where I’m going with this…………..

If you’re interested in living a more healthful life and save big bucks doing so, contact me and let’s get a conversation started and put that hard-earned $$ back in your skinny-jeans pockets! 😉

No magic potions, pills or powders. Just real food



Our Food Is Killing Too Many of Us By Dariush Mozaffarian and Dan Glickman


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