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Summer has come to an end.

Now you’re thinking “I should get back on track” with your eating and lifestyle after a few months of “off the rails” play. I’m here to tell you STOP that line of thinking!

I going to tell you right now, you didn’t “fall off the rails or get off track”. You lived and enjoyed life! You fed your soul with the things that make you happy, from seeing old friends, going on that long vacation, enjoying a grilled burger with cheese, to those extra glasses of wine poolside. There’s NOTHING wrong with any of these. You know why? Because you enjoyed yourself. Did you do these things EVERY day? Of course not.

See we all have been programmed to think that when we “splurge” or stray from our daily nutritional routine we’re being “bad”. I’m here to tell you to stop that madness NOW. It’s time to reprogram our thought process and feelings regarding “being bad”.

Let’s face it, trying to keep up with what “social standards” dictate is a losing proposition. When we try to keep up or be something other than ourselves, we only breed disgust for ourselves when we miss the mark. And that in itself can result in triggering unhealthful eating behaviors.

Shoot for PROGRESS over Perfection!

Trust me, your body will tell you when you’ve gone too far with poor or unhealthful nutrition choices. I know mine did. A few times I thought I’d enjoy a few food items, (with no guilt or shame!).  In the end, my body said, “what the hell was that!?? Really fried chicken??) It even let me know my Pumpkin Spice Late was too much last week!

THIS is how I know when it’s time to maybe cut back and make more healthful choices with food. I encourage you to do the same. Listen to what your body is saying, learn to recognize the symptoms of unhealthful choices.

Unsure how to do this? Contact me and let’s get a conversation started and a free consultation scheduled!  Health doesn’t have to be hard!


Remember to stay Amazed!


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