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Cholesterol is NOT the problem. Inflammation is!


What is Cholesterol really?                                                                                                                        It’s essential for your body for one! It is a type of fat found in your blood. Your liver makes cholesterol for your body. Your brain runs on about 20%+ of the stuff, without you’d die. It’s used to make your hormones like estrogen and testosterone, it helps in creating & process your vitamin D.

Note: Statin drugs have NOT stopped the rise of heart disease in our country.  They artificially lower your cholesterol levels, but they will NOT prevent a heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular disease.

Why are they so popular? Because of the money.  BIG money is involved. The statin industry is such a big moneymaker that they don’t want to pop the $$ bubble. What you do hear over the radio or see on your TV at night? Yep, drug advertisements, you’ve all heard the “just take the little purple pill, and you can eat what you want”.  In reality, you could do that OR you could just make minor changes to what you ate and notice BIG changes to not only your cholesterol but your weight, blood pressure, and even your blood sugar levels.

The truth of the matter is the Food & Drug companies just don’t care about your health; they’re motivated by their profits under an illusion they are “making” you healthier

If you want to go totally drug-free with cholesterol, then you must get serious with your lifestyle first. This should be the first step towards lowering cholesterol numbers.  Even small changes in your diet and lifestyle can have a HUGE effect.  Keep in mind that when you get your cholesterol from your food (real food) it doesn’t have to end up in the LDL

What is inflammation really?                                                                                                                When you hear the word inflammation you probably think of a time when you twisted an ankle or a wrist and the area became swollen, with heat and pain radiating from the source of the injury. You’re not too far off with your thought.  This reaction is temporary and is a direct result of the injury.

The inflammation I’m referring to is chronic inflammation, by contrast, it’s slower and way more damaging. It happens over time and is caused by things like poor diet, smoking, lack of sleep, infrequent exercise, stress and a compromised gut (your belly flora is not working as it should in processing foods or creating the hormones and other chemicals you need throughout your day)

It’s THIS type of inflammation that can bring/trigger heart disease among other diseases.

Did you know that statin drugs unnaturally lower cholesterol without addressing the underlying cause for what caused the elevation in the first place? “Elevated cholesterol can be a symptom of inflammation and it’s the cause of that inflammation that is the ROOT cause of heart disease.”

Having high cholesterol shouldn’t be alarming, but it should force you to closely examine what is truly going on.  ~Cassie Bjork, RD


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