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Another failed diet? It’s NOT your fault!

This is for everyone out there who are beating themselves up, frustrated with themselves or think they don’t have enough “will-power”.  I’m here to tell you, STOP!  STOP, the madness. It is possible to lose weight and not your mind!

Think about this, when you start any new diet or make drastic lifestyle changes, do you really understand what it is you’re signing up for? What or how those changes or new diet will affect your body or how you’ll feel?

Like all things regarding your health, I encourage you talk to your primary medical practitioner before starting any new diet or major shift in lifestyle. I learned this the hard way with the popular Keto diet. This was NOT a healthful way for me to make changes in my weight. In fact, it did just the opposite! Besides weight gain, I almost did permanent damage to my liver and kidneys! I’d followed all the rules; however, for MY body and genetic makeup this diet and lifestyle isn’t a healthy choice for ME.

I was hard on myself, mentally beating myself up, for FAILING, yet again! It was then that I learned “one person’s health food can be another’s poison”.

When authors or doctors create a diet, they aren’t accounting for EVERYONE, their focus is on a   group or groups of individuals who fit in specific parameters. I know I didn’t take this into consideration when I wrote my book, “6 Week Health Challenge” in 2016.  The premise for my book was to shift EVERYONE to a Whole Food/Plant Based diet. It worked for me why not share it and get EVERYONE to do the same?

The answer? Because we all have different nutritional needs, due to our genetics, lifestyle, current health status to even our age to name a few.  THIS is why DIETS DON’T WORK! It’s that simple!

It truly isn’t your fault if you didn’t lose weight on that latest fad diet, odds are it wasn’t what YOUR body needed. Please, Please, Please STOP beating yourself up. Instead, explore what resonates to you and where you are NOW in life, what feels right.

This is EXACTLY what I do as a Nutritional Health Coach, help you look at all those diets and together explore what will work to get you to your goals, be it, maintain the weight you’re at, to dropping a few more pounds to even getting a better nights sleep.

If you’re beating yourself up over the last diet or can’t seam to drop the last 10 pounds, use the Contact  page and lets get that FREE consultation scheduled.


Stay Amazed!


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