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This is a frequent question from clients, family and friends!

I too, have always wanted to know and understand the reasoning behind WHY Sugar in its many forms is so prevalent in just about everything we buy. I found my answer through reading: Vegucation Over Medication, Myths, Lies & Truths about modern foods and medicines by, Dr. Bobby J. Price. (Worth the $15 + very fast read)

In an attempt to win over the public in 1970, Richard Nixon instructed his secretary of Agriculture to engineer a way to make foods cheaper. So, between politics and big food companies HFCS = High Fructose Corn Syrup was added to our food supply. It was way cheaper than table sugar and made the foods sweeter!

And let’s not forget the “Fat Free-Low Fat” fad of the 80’s pushed on us all by the USDA & American Heart Assoc. At the start they had our health interests in mind. There was a shift however, when big food companies started to notice their profits climb with the added sugars. The public was getting addicted to sugar. 

When you take something out (Fat) you must flavor that food item with something (Sugar).  This rule applies for “Sugar-Free” BTW!  If something is labeled Sugar-Free, read that label and check out the sugar content.

Side Note: On average we Americans consume an average of 160 pounds of “added” sugar every year! Think about this, for every day of one month you had 1 can of soda = 4 pounds (It does add up!)

Class Coming: Sweet Sensations, you’re already sweet enough no sugar added 😊

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