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Just what to fill you all in on a little something. 

At no time as a Nutritional Health Coach, will I promote or try to sell you a product. Instead, I’ll teach you how through eating REAL foods you can be more healthful and help heal your body as well as drop weight. Saving you $$ along the way.

You don’t HAVE to purchase special supplements or special protein powders to achieve your health goals. To give you an example, when I make my morning “Green Machine” I don’t have “special” proteins or powders, just plan ol Trader Joe’s Hemp Chocolate protein powder and I grind my own chia and flax seeds. (Tip-it’s cheaper to grind your own vs purchasing ground BTW)

Through my own health and weight loss journey these past 18 months, I’ve yet to purchase any “special” products to achieve my weight-loss. (Currently down 70 pounds) The only “special” thing I do buy is Organic produce and when buying animal proteins, I do Organic as well. That’s it…

I felt I needed to clear this up, as I’ve been questioned about what weight loss protocols or products I recommend. I don’t. I just encourage you to discover what REAL Foods work for you!

Contact me and let’s get you scheduled for your FREE consultation today!

In Health & Peace,


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