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It’s that time of the year, were we all have the chance to look back and evaluate the past year. Our successes, challenges, our wins and losses. Did we achieve those goals we’d set for ourselves earlier in the year? Something we as humans have a habit of doing at this time of year, reflection. And to be honest, I believe it’s healthy. You never know how far you’ve come unless you look back.

For myself this has been an incredible year of change, growth, discovery, knowledge, great health and healing and one of empowerment. All these changes are due to the decision of going back to school this year and becoming a certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City, NY.

Change is the one constant in the universe and I have major changes to announce for my business at New Path.  I’m here to inform you that in the future,I’ll no longer be providing massage of any kind.

Yes, you read right, I’m hanging up my massaging gear Summer or Fall of 2019.

After many a sleepless night trying to figure out how to still be of service, I found my answer through school this year.  This decision of winding down the massage side of my business hasn’t come easily. My body just can’t continue providing massage any longer.  January 31st,I go in for another shoulder surgery.

On Jan 24th, 2019 I’ll have gained certification as an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach. No, I’m not a Nutritionist, but some one who can work with you and your doctor to assist you in reaching your health and wellness goals. 

I have personally benefited from this year of intense training besides gaining a new career. I’ve dropped 60+ pounds and my personal physician has taken me off all medications including the cholesterol med I’d been on for several years. I no longer suffer from chronic intestinal upsets or headaches and my complexion is clearer and I’m sleeping so much better.

As a health coach, I can talk to you about nutrition, foods, supplements and make suggestions in other aspects of health that were out of my “scope of practice” as a massage therapist. I now have the training, knowledge and experience to continue my journey of helping others.

What is a Health Coach you ask?

Well, I won’t sell you a diet plan or a line of supplements.My training has shown that everyone’s dietary needs are unique and what works for you won’t necessarily work for everyone else. There is NO universal diet that fits all, and let’s face it, everyone seems to be an expert. 

My goal is to make health a simplicity in your life.  To give you real life tools and resources as a place to start your journey toward lasting health and wellness.  As an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, I’m your personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life. I’ll work with you to create a healthy life in a way that’s flexible, fun and easy to implement. By working together, we’ll discover the foods and lifestyle choices that best support YOU. Making gradual, lifelong changes enabling you to reach your current and future goals.

With all of this said, I’m asking that in the next 6 months you contact me and schedule any unused services from a gift certificate to any pre-paid massage that are left on my books.  Once I stop providing massage, your pre-paid service or gift certificate will be null and void.  I will refer you to a fellow massage therapist who’s taking clients who I can no longer provide services to, like that of “deep tissue”. Her name is Tammy Motly and she’s located in Paso Robles.   Besides being a fabulous and talented  therapist, she’s also a personal trainer. She’s got the knowledge, professionalism and background to help you with massage. 

Please note: Tammy will NOT honor any gift certificates or unused massage from prior purchases through my business

A few fun facts and figures from my 15 years of providing massage. To date since starting in April 2006, I’ve provided somewhere over 5,510 hours of massage and had the privilege of massaging over 3,200+ bodies. These numbers represent the various venues, modalities and locations I had the fun to work in. Such as, hours donated at Camp Reach for The Stars in Cambria (Family retreat for families with children fighting cancer), providing relief for students at Cal Poly during winter finals; all sorts of fairs and street markets, chiropractic offices, a local spa and ultimately my own practice.

In closing I want to thank you for all your love, support and patronage over the years. 

If the service of Health Coaching intrigues you, please contact me and let’s talk about your Free one-hour consultation.

In Health & Peace,

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