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Why do you eat? Fuel, Pleasure or More?

A good question. Why do we eat? There’s those who just LOVE the act of eating a great meal (Foodies). And, let’s face it, who doesn’t? Through school I’m being taught how to navigate this question but on an individual level.

We all have a relationship with food. It’s either friend, foe, lover, therapist or fuel, among other things.  Think about why you eat when you eat and what you do eat. The relationship changes all the time due to what’s occurring in your life and where you are emotionally, spiritually and physically. If you’re in the middle of a breakup then it’s probably friend and therapist.  If you’re out of a date with the one you love then odds are it’s a friend, or getting ready for that half marathon then food is definitely your fuel.  Think about this for a second, ever consider that food could be even more than what’s listed above to maybe medicine? If you’re fighting a disease like heart disease or cancer, food could be viewed as friend, foe, fuel or yes, Medicine.

I grew up in a home that food when served was fuel and love. My mother prided herself on feeding us kids the best meals she could at the time. This is taking into account the foods available at that time and the income coming in the door at the time. She knew how to stretch a chicken in to multiple meals like no one I know today. We always had food on the table and I was taught to appreciate and have gratitude for that fact.  My mother was a FOODIE as well and loved to experiment with dishes all the time.

With this background you’d think that I’d be a FOODIE too. Not really, yes I enjoy cooking, however MY relationship with food has changed over the years, to now being that of fuel, medicine and friend. It used to be my therapist all the time, I’d eat to avoid my feelings, or to bury a past hurts.  These days, I ask myself “Why are you eating this?”  It’s my way of looking at am I using food as fuel and medicine or is there something deeper at work here.

I encourage you to look at your relationship with food, know that it’s OK with whatever the relationship is. (Changes ALL the time TOO, BTW) There’s no right or wrong, good or bad. You’re either promoting health or you’re feeding an illness. (Yes it’s that simple)  The beauty is YOU get to decide and the opportunity to change 3 or more times a day! How empowering is that!!

Knowing I get this opportunity is pure pleasure to me. So for me in the end, I guess I do eat for Pleasure!

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