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‘Authenticity happens in the guts and bowels of your life. Being authentic is the grunt work of the soul, of any deeply human, spiritual path’.  Author unknown

Saw this the other day and it HIT home big time. (Sparking this blog) I always talk about being authentic, who you and I are supposed to be on a fundamental level or at our core of who we are. Not following the “guidelines” we see and are fed form TV, magazines and radio advertising or social media. But the REAL us.

This year through school, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, it’s been one of some major pyridine shifts and personal growth. From learning new medical theories on the microbiome (your gut), personality profiles to over 100 different dietary theories (who knew there were so many?). All of these changes are amazing, however, at times I feel a bit overwhelmed. They are totally worth it, but, GROWTH IS Grunt work!

I know too, it’s always THOSE times that get us out of our comfort zones or when we are in our lowest of lows, that the greatest shifts, growth or “aha” moments propel us to what I call the “next level”.  In other words, you got that last lesson from life, now it’s time to move on to the next one. My view of life is, EVERY day is a ‘school’ day, my job is to show up and be open.  Not always an achievable or pleasant, but one I strive to live by. Thus, always inching closer to being authentically me. Whatever or how-ever that may look like. I’ve learned over the years that to be otherwise takes a lot of energy and effort to maintain, it’s just not worth it in my way of thinking.

I can hear some of you ask “Just what is being authentic?” Well the technical definition is: “a connection to YOUR core values and desires and to act deliberately in ways that are consistent with those qualities. To be genuine and real”.

It’s easy to see how we stray from our paths of authenticity these days, with all the crazy inputs and lifestyles we are exposed and live within. Let’s face it, today, the world isn’t what it used to be, things have changed and not all for the good. This puts strain on all of us emotionally, physically, socially and psychologically.  These have an effect on who we are and HOW we react to our circumstances and our environments. Are we reacting authentically? Or are we mirroring what we see?

All I do know is that any growth or shift is worth the pain and discomfort, because, through that change I get to move up to the next lesson, so that my pain and discomfort lessons every time. Maybe one day achieving a life where there is NO discomfort, or struggle.   Now that’s not to say life will be a “bowl of cherries” however, through all that growth, I’ll be more WHO I am (authentic) in my response, thus more at peace with whatever the situation may be.

The grunt work is worth that!

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