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Coping Mechanisms

How many of you rely on coping mechanisms? Are they of any benefit, do they help or only add fuel to the fire?

The definition of coping, is the conscious effort to reduce stress.  Psychological coping mechanisms are commonly termed as strategies or skills. Perceived control is an important resource in coping with stressful situations. Google.

Did you catch the statement “perceived control”? What happens when you perceive NO control, what then? How do you recreate strategies or skills when you KNOW you have NO control?  (Hint, you ALWAYS have control, it’s about choices.)

For me, I turn to food. Specifically sugar and or alcohol. For the past week, since learning about a shoulder issue and knowing that I will have to face dealing with it sooner rather than later, I turned to my old coping mechanisms. And found that they just don’t serve me anymore. I was in a “fog”, all week in my pity party of one. Goofed on dates, was moody and just wasn’t a nice person to be around, (Ask my husband, he’ll tell ya) besides not feeling well with tummy upsets.

I decided and discovered that my old habits just don’t serve me any more, they only fuel the issue more. By leaning on my poor nutritional choices, I only made things worse. Let’s face it, sugar and alcohol do muck things up in the body, mind and spirt. Not to mention your gut.

I made a conscious decision to alter my behavior and did it make a difference! Yes, I have no control of the outcome in regards to my shoulder, however, I DO and CAN control how I deal with it, vs not dealing with it through food or drink.  What did I do you ask, I CHANGED my choices to REAL food that nourish my body, soul, mind and gut.  I went back to basics…….

Also, by acknowledging  that Yes, it’s a bummer that things are not going as I had planned for this year, however, it’s not the end of the world. And, by eating more healthful, I’m no longer in the “fog”, my tummy is much happier, thus makes “dealing” with the emotions of frustration at the situation much more livable, I’m in the “here and now”. By cleaning up my food, I’m also cleaning up my body to face what’s ahead, whatever that may be.

(I’m a easier person to live with too now, as my husband will attest!)

I gained my “perceived control” back. I chose to take accountability for my actions and choices, and am in a greater space of peace than ever.  The next time you are struggling with a situation, an individual or stress, I challenge you to create NEW coping mechanisms and see how much better you are at handling it.

Is it easy? NO, however, it’s so very worth it!


In Health & Peace


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