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First off:  To set the record straight, there is NO food Hell, God won’t be waiting for you at the pearly gates with a clipboard in hand to check to see just how many Doritos you had in this life time.  Honest!

More often than not, we all view cravings as some sort of weakness, when in reality they are important messages from our bodies trying to guide us towards balance.  From hydration, nutritional balance to our relationships and careers, if something is out of whack our bodies are going to let us know. We just have to pay attention and learn to understand those messages.

When you crave sugar your body may be seeking out a fast source of energy (it really could be a symptom of lack of sleep, thus all that caffeine you had first thing in the morning), research is showing that the more sugar you consume the more you want it.  Dose that really come as any surprise to anyone?

Processed foods. They are created and designed to MAKE us consumers crave them, think Doritos, can you really just eat one!? The food industry has created what’s been described as the “bliss-point”- that perfect combination of sugar, salt and fat, that we just can’t seem to get enough of.  Believe it or not this combination has been mathematically created to appeal to the masses, this type of food engineering has become its own science.

These products take years to develop, and there’s all kinds of folks who make this happen from researchers, flavor specialists (There’s a job!), engineers and even statisticians. All these folks are involved in creating a food with optimal flavor, texture, and feel.  The constant exposure to these foods over time is likely to increase our desire for them, thus creating that food craving. Note, most all of these foods tend to be higher in calories and fat, and lower in proteins and fiber, generally don’t offer a whole lot of nutritional value.

If you’re one of those folks who doesn’t have a particular food craving, I ask you, is there an aspect of your life that may be out of balance, thus you had that second slice of cake or that extra handful of Doritos without thinking? (Are you getting the message that Doritos are my thing?) And when I am talking about aspects of your life I’m referencing to your relationships, your job, are you getting enough exercise. All of these and more if out of balance, can send you to your refrigerator and you reaching for that full fat whipped cream to top off those fresh berries you just picked up from your local Farmers Market. When you know that the berries alone would be the healthiest way to enjoy them.

Our emotional health and what we eat are very interconnected to one another. Again, cravings are not something to be ashamed of, they are your body’s way to telling you something isn’t quite right. The next time you find yourself standing in front of your refrigerator staring, waiting for something to jump out at you, maybe that’s the moment you check in, “Am I really hungry or maybe I’m thirsty.”

I challenge you to do a “check-in” with yourself when you feel a craving you just might be surprised what’s really out of whack.


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