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We as human beings seem to enjoy doing things in extreme, from sports, work outs, binge watching a show, to yes, even our diets. I bring this up because I’m starting to document outlines for when I start public speaking. This is what popped up.

This a perfect example of extremes and how ‘one person’s health food or diet can be another’s poison’

I know you’ve all heard about the Keto diet, high protein and low to no carbs. A few years ago before all the hype, I did this diet through a local gym with the assistance of a dietitian only, no doctor, nor was there ever any health history or blood work done. To keep this short, I ended up dropping 30 pounds in 3 months, however, I always felt like crap, ALWAYS. Saw my doctor and after running a few blood tests, he immediately took me off this diet and on to statins. That very day!  My cholesterol was off the charts high for me. My doctor was very concerned!  This type of extreme way of eating was not good for someone like myself, who had a predisposition of heart disease.

Yes, I lost weight, but I’d put my health at risk. Not only did my cholesterol jump, but my liver and kidneys were not happy either, due to the extreme pressure I’d put them through in the form of Ketosis, an un-natural state the body gets to when too much protein and no carbs are eaten, this is where the rapid weight loss occurs. What’s not stressed about this diet is the extremes it puts your organs through to achieve the rapid weight loss. (By the way, our brains run on carbs!)

Our bodies aren’t meant to be pushed to such extremes for long periods of time. And, sadly, yes I gained back the 30 pounds and a few more to go with it.  I’ve been seeing a lot about this diet and others like it in the past few months and I really want to stress the seriousness of doing extreme ANYTHING.

Do your homework, talk to your doctor before starting any diet, especially if you have any predispositions of heart disease, diabetes, or any other chronic disease.  Another thing to consider with this or any other extreme way of eating, ‘how long has this particular diet been around’? Are there any long term studies on it?  Be sure to do some research, instead of buying into the hype.

I didn’t and almost did permanent damage to my organs. For my Bio-individuality, this was not a good diet for me to attempt.

The more I’m learning as a ‘Health Coach in training’, the more I’m excited to help others navigate a path through the maze that is the world of health and nutrition.

In Health & Peace,


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