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The key to lasting improvement in diet and in health is to make changes you can live with and know you can make.  Changes that bring you more pleasure than inconvenience or discomfort have more staying power, while those that require a lot of willpower to maintain rarely last.  One primary reason efforts to improve food and health choices fail is that the changes are too drastic.  Take baby steps first.  Change out the small things, if you like yogurt, instead of the regular yogurt try Greek or Icelandic, a tad more expensive, however, you get more bang for your buck; more protein and lower in fat.

Keep in mind too that when making a change in your diet, be prepared for relapses.  They happen to all of us and for a number of reasons, and NO they don’t mean that your attempt has failed!  Folks often return to old habits because the change they attempted was too drastic or because they tried to make too many changes at once.  If the change you tried did not work out, rethink your options and make a midcourse correction.

Remember too, there is no, “Good”, “Bad”, it’s just a simple, “Healthy” or “Unhealthy” choice!


Raw Whole Foods

When making the shift to Whole Foods, keep in mind a few things.  Unlike eating whole grain foods, ingesting processed foods can and do subtract nutrients and actually create nutritional deficiencies, as the body utilizes nutrients to digest and assimilate food.  If the mineral demands of digestion and assimilation are greater than the nutrients supplied by the food, we may end up with a deficit – a drain on our nutrient reserve fund. (Example, drinking soda at times, causes the body to pull calcium faster).

Many studies are showing that raw fruits and vegetables offer the highest blood levels of cancer – protective nutrients and the most protection against cancer of any other foods, including cooked vegetation.  Any advice not recognizing that raw vegetables and fresh fruits are the two most powerful anti-cancer categories of foods is in my humble opinion, way off the mark.  Plus, when you use raw seeds and nuts instead of oil, you receive dramatic health benefits without all the empty calories because of the high micronutrient content.

Uncooked vegetables and fruits offer the most powerful protection against disease as well.  Try eating a HUGE salad and at least four fresh fruits and vegetables (minimum) per day.  Diets with little to no raw foods are not ideal.  As the amount of raw fruits and vegetables are increased in a person’s diet, weight loss, blood pressure and other worrisome symptoms are lowered or disappear effortlessly.

Most vitamins are heat-sensitive, for example 20-60 percent of vitamin C is lost, depending on the cooking method.  30-40 percent of minerals are lost in cooking vegetables as well.  Consuming a significant quantity of raw foods is essential for superior health.  At the very least, have one large salad a day!

Your diet should contain a huge amount of raw foods, a large amount of the less calorically dense cooked vegetation, and a lesser amount of the more calorically rich cooked starchy vegetables and grains.

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