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I’m sitting here in my office, working on this and that before my first client this morning. My window open slightly, listening to the fountain bubble away, the rain pattering on the leaves and on the roof, thinking of how grateful I am. I’m actually working on a coaching form I downloaded from a Life Coaching class I did a few years ago. The form is, “Love Your Weaknesses!”

It’s an exercise that gets you to examine your Weaknesses and help you (my favorite word) “RE-FRAME” how you view them. Weaknesses are subjective- they’re only REAL Weaknesses when they get in the way of what we want to do.  However, let’s face it, we now live in a world that tends to focus on what COULD or SHOULD be improved rather than what’s already GREAT about us.

For me, I sometimes think I have TOO much empathy. I’ll share an example with you.   Yesterday while moving firewood over to the house, I discovered that the pool had claimed another drowning victim. A sweet young cotton tail bunny. I had a good cry, and was devastated, wishing that I wasn’t so affected by the loss. After thinking about it and examining the situation through the lens of this exercise, I was able to re-frame it, to it’s really a “super power”.  My empathy allows me to hold space for others as they walk through their healing journey or crises.

I ask you to look at something about yourself that you THINK is a Weakness, and see if, instead, it would be USEFUL or where the weakness serves a purpose. It may turn out to be YOUR super power instead too!

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