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Today, I want to do a quick post on marketing of “Fake Health” foods. Yes this is from one of my lectures this week.  An example of just how important it is to read those food labels!!

Have you like me lately seen either in the grocery stores, magazines or on the TV, ads that show a food item that you KNOW isn’t healthy, yet you see or hear just how healthy that box of Lucky Charms made with “Whole Grains”?? Or as you pass by an end isle in your grocery store, you notice a HUGE sign selling Gummy Bears, only in BIG bold print you see the word ORGANIC??? The only thing organic in them is the “Organic cane sugar” used to make them.

(Remember, sugar is sugar, no matter what form & just because it says it’s Healthy or Organic or Vitamins added, doesn’t change the CALORIE or FAT content!)

The reason we are seeing more and more of these types of marketing “tricks” is because we as a nation and consumers are waking up to what IS considered Healthful.  Also back in the 80’s we experienced some de-regulations, Agriculture, Wall Street, and yes, the Food Industry Marketing. This allowed food manufactures to target children in marketing campaigns to sell their products.

With the open, honest (sometimes) conversations we are starting to have with one another and as a Nation about Health, Wellness, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Obesity, this is putting pressure on the food industries to either produce healthier choices or “trick” us into thinking their product is “healthy”.

We need to be on our toes if you will when it comes to “filtering” out what IS and ISN’T healthful. I encourage you to continue to READ those labels. In the coming weeks I’ll be putting together tips and a “cheat” sheet to help point out the tricks and pit falls we all face when reading those labels.

Remember, I’m always available to answer any questions or you can schedule a one on one.  I’m looking to launch my Integrative Health Coaching services sometime in April or May…. Stay Tuned

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