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Offering:  Health / Wellness  Coaching 

This is for anyone who wants to make permanent, healthy changes without the guilt trip”

~S. Nitchman, Graphic Artist

“As a Health & Wellness Coach, I provide coaching and support to women with a focus on prevention of health issues like hormonal or thyroid imbalances, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol or blood pressure; along with weight, emotional eating or self-image assistance.

Eating high-quality nourishing foods (fruits & veggies) greatly improves your well-being by healing your body from the inside out.  No more prepackaged foods or shakes, just real food for real lasting results.  Learn to focus on improving your health through the foods you eat, not counting calories or points.” ~Kris Allen

Lose weight without losing your mind!

Note: ALL consultations and Coaching sessions will be held via phone, Google Meeting or Zoom.  All required documents will be sent and received via a secured link which is HIPPA compliant.

Here’s what clients have to say about my approach and program:

“Kris’ approach is so down to earth, non-judgmental, AND she gives you that nudge that we all need – with such gentleness and conviction – that you can’t help wanting for yourself what she wants for you. She is truly a doll and understands the complex, even painful relationship some of us have with food.” ~C.S., Actress & Comedian

I am Here to Educate, Inspire & Empower

I have been thinking about how I can help as an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach and be of service to others in these unprecedented stressful times.

There’s been a lot to process these past few weeks, with incredible amounts of information from every platform. I will be the first to say that I feel like I have felt all the emotions possible not just once but several times over. Perhaps, you’ve been feeling the same? Know that it is totally normal, and it’s important to acknowledge any fear or sense of vulnerability.  There is nothing normal about our current situation. We ALL are in uncharted waters.

I will be providing useful information, to help inspire everyone that may be feeling like everything has been taken out of their control. I encourage you to find me on Facebook (Kris Allen, Paso Robles) or A New Path 2 Wellness

I’ll not be posting the quick fix “ibuprofen” pill that so many people look for, I will though provide help to maximize your body’s immune function, which is key to us staying well.

Please reach out to me, I am thankful for this opportunity to help where I can and be of service.


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About Kris Allen

Kris Allen is a Health & Wellness Coach, with the desire to inspire & support women through lifestyle education.

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