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Lymphatic drainage massage (LDM), a gentle, rhythmic style of massage that mimics the action of the lymphatic system uses precise rhythm and pressure to open the initial lymphatics and stimulate lymph vessel contraction to reduce edema or Medi-Cupping is used as well to achieve the same effects.  Edema is an unusual accumulation of fluid in soft tissues that can be temporary and mild or serious, as in chronic lymph edema.




Lymphatic drainage massage using Medi-Cupping technique

By creating suction and negative pressure, Cupping Therapy is used to soften tight muscles and drain excess fluids by opening lymphatic pathways.  This method is extremely effective in moving the excess fluids from congested areas of the lymphatic system. The results of this modality last much longer than traditional lymphatic drainage massage methods, as the suction and negative pressure ensure the lymph fluid moves as the practitioner moves the cups along the surface of the skin; trapping the fluid and moving it to drainage points in the body.

Lymphology research and oncology research are related, because lymph-edema is often a result of cancer treatment.  For decades, however, cancer treatment’s effect on the lymphatic system was largely ignored, and little help was offered during following up treatment for cancer patients suffering painful lymph edema.  Today there is greater awareness of the lymphatic system and lymph edema among doctors and the public, in large part because patients have tried to understand and cure this condition.  Many self-help groups for lymph edema patients have formed, and national groups like the National Lymph edema Network serve patients, therapists and physicians by disseminating information about lymph-edema and its treatment.

Clearly, working with lymph edema is a job for experienced practitioners who have had advanced training and some clinical practice.  In Clinical practice, under supervision, therapists and are aware of contra-indications and the serious problems that might arise in treatment. They gain experience dealing with all the manifestations of lymph edema.



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