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What are GMO’s & are they safe??

GMO’s = Genetically Modified Organisms = NOT a good choice when making healthful food choices. Talk about another eye opening week for school!  The process of creating GMO foods is science, they are taking a cell from one organism and adding it to another. Example is corn that’s resistant to Round-Up (Yes that Round-Up form

Insight, My view as a Health Coach

I threaten some folks For a while now I’ve had folks come up and ask what they should eat to drop weight fast, to stop breaking out on their chins to what to avoid to stop hot flashes, since starting my school.  While feeling flattered that they think highly enough of me and my training

Sugar is an Opiate

Pain Emotional Pain in the brain registers the same as physical pain. We use Opiates to relieve that pain, Sugar to the body IS an opiate. Thus, the reason we reach for it while in an emotional pained state. It’s just the way we are wired. The trick is to rewire that process. Yes, it’s

Heart Speak Journaling

Heart Speak Journaling Yep was another sleepless night for me. Reason was I had a few Girl scout cookies and I roasted a few marshmallows last night.  (This past weekend 6 years ago was the last time I got to see my mother before she passed a few weeks later)  When a sugar crash occurs

Take back your health

State of our Health, the time to Take Back your health is NOW! I’m sure most of this comes as no surprise to any of you, however, it needs to be said again, obesity is still on the rise around the world.  According to a 2016 study from the Imperial College of London, if the


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