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A “Keeping it REAL” Blog What IS HEALING, really??? Been meditating and pondering this for the few months, as life events occur around me that affect me both personally and globally. I’ve come to a conclusion that it isn’t about “fixing” yourself, but that of allowing yourself to be loved and open to love, not

Sugar is an Opiate

Pain Emotional Pain in the brain registers the same as physical pain. We use Opiates to relieve that pain, Sugar to the body IS an opiate. Thus, the reason we reach for it while in an emotional pained state. It’s just the way we are wired. The trick is to rewire that process. Yes, it’s

Savor the Flavor!

Truth, you are HOW & WHAT you eat. Another truth, with every bite you take you are either feeding your body or breaking it down. Most disease today stems from the intestinal track, from eating things that aren’t working well for it, thus knocking it out of balance. Meaning your gut flora gets wonky! Let’s

Coping – Raw & Personal

Coping Mechanisms How many of you rely on coping mechanisms? Are they of any benefit, do they help or only add fuel to the fire? The definition of coping, is the conscious effort to reduce stress.  Psychological coping mechanisms are commonly termed as strategies or skills. Perceived control is an important resource in coping with

Cooking with Love

In the end it’s worth it! I just spent 2.5 hours in my kitchen experimenting on creating veggie burgers and trying to create a grilled corn salad with feta cheese, and had a blast! (Yes, both turned out yummy and amazing)  I know, I know, some of you who know me are thunder struck at

Cravings, what are you REALLY hungry for?

First off:  To set the record straight, there is NO food Hell, God won’t be waiting for you at the pearly gates with a clipboard in hand to check to see just how many Doritos you had in this life time.  Honest! More often than not, we all view cravings as some sort of weakness,

Your Health IS Your Wealth!!

Going to ask you all a question, when shopping where do you spend your $$? Is it on organic foods or are you saving a few $$ for those new $200 shoes? I had a compelling lecture on this very subject, got me thinking, where do “I”, Kris, spend my hard earned $$? I used

Change, be sure it comes from the HEART NOT HATE

Last night I was updating the website, this nugget popped up as I was working: “When we make a change in our behavior from a perspective of beating ourselves up & hating ourselves, the change won’t stick!” As you know I work with clients as a massage therapist and over the years I’ve heard all

Going to Extremes (A must read for anyone considering the Keto diet)

We as human beings seem to enjoy doing things in extreme, from sports, work outs, binge watching a show, to yes, even our diets. I bring this up because I’m starting to document outlines for when I start public speaking. This is what popped up. This a perfect example of extremes and how ‘one person’s

Change and Raw Foods

The key to lasting improvement in diet and in health is to make changes you can live with and know you can make.  Changes that bring you more pleasure than inconvenience or discomfort have more staying power, while those that require a lot of willpower to maintain rarely last.  One primary reason efforts to improve


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