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How ‘Home cooking’ can save your retirement.

How often to you find yourself in the drive-through at your favorite coffee shop or fast food joint? I dare you to keep a log and discover just how much $$ you are spending on “Non-Necessity” items. Trust me, you’ll be surprised, I know I was!

We Americans are spending our retirement – One Latte at a Time. Did you know that we spend on average more than $5,000 a year on non-Necessities!!?

A survey asked respondents how much they spent annually on the following six categories:

                                                          Millennial spending        boomers ages 55-64

Eating out, takeout and delivery               $2,167                             $1,083

Coffee                                                            $718                                  $359

Ride shares (e.g., Uber, Lyft) and taxis    $993                                  $496

New clothing and accessories                   $758                                  $379

Alcohol                                                            $349                                  $175

Events (e.g. concerts, sports)                    $355                                  $177

Total                                                               $5,339                              $2,670

The biggest source of nonessential spending is eating out, takeout and food delivery. Respondents said they spent an average of $2,167 a year on food that they didn’t prepare at home.  That’s huge! Let’s face it, when we cook at home not only do, we save $$ but we know exactly what’s in our food.  Not to mention that we can make meals that are way more healthful than ordering out.  Once you have identified where your hard-earned money is going, then you can make changes to those spending habits.

A few tips to help you save $$ AND still enjoy that latte. 

When grocery shopping, look for DIY items, like lattes or coffees. In the stores, Starbucks over the holidays had a Peppermint Mocha box set that included 10 K-cups and the peppermint cocoa mix that you can make at home for $6.99. Compare that to the $4.99/$5+ a cup AT Starbucks vs at home it’s costing you little over $0.79 a cup. That’s a big savings.  Get a travel thermos or mug and you’re well on your way to saving $$.

Salads let’s face it we all love it when we get that salad out. (I know I do!) Who doesn’t, it’s always loaded with all kinds of good stuff and the lettuce is always so crisp and fresh. (Unless there’s been a recall) This is one meal you can definitely make at home and much healthier. Get your lettuce from your local farmers market, add all your favorite goodies (pickled beans & beets, tomatoes, carrots, olives, onions, and so much more).

And don’t forget that dressing that tops that amazing salad! Instead of eating that salad ordered out dripping with that dressing all over it, (order it on the side) make your own. There’re tons of ideas out there on the internet for healthy & nutritious dressings, from spicy vinaigrette’s to creamy ranches and thousand islands, just to name a few.

The next time you order out or go through a drive through, think about how you can create what you are ordering at home instead. You’ll be saving yourself some bucks and paying it forward towards your retirement.

For more information, tips and ideas please fill out the free consultation form and lets get you on your new path towards health.


The above information was adapted from the article ‘Americans’ Current Spending Habits Are Costing Them More $500K in Retirement Savings’, shared on Money news app

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