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Here’s an analogy for ya.

Why what we eat is so important and individualized. 

Your gut or microbiome is your manufacturing plant and your gut bacteria or flora are your employees. Learn about them, treat and empower them well, your health depends on them, here’s why.

So, in your gut or as it’s becoming to be known as your microbiome, (Your gut, intestinal track & colon) there’s billions, yes, billions of bacteria that work every day on breaking down the foods you eat and drink along with all the medications you take. Processing it so that your body can use it as fuel. Yep I said fuel. That’s the real purpose of food ultimately. To fuel our bodies.  Period.

Think of all these bacteria as your employees and your microbiome as the factory in which they work. We all want happy employees, right? A happy worker is a hard and dedicated worker.  An empowered and healthy worker is invaluable. Who doesn’t want invaluable employees?

Now, how are you treating these employees. Are you treating and empowering them through what you eat?  Are you treating them well?   Think about what you are eating and that will answer your question. (Enjoying a second helping of pumpkin pie, another beer with dinner or are you enjoying green smoothies instead?) Think about the medications you take, if any and what affect it’s having on your employees.  Cause it is.

Another part that we need to add to this analogy is, “Do I have the right employees or enough employees to do the work?”  What I mean by this is, ALL of us have unique bacteria in our microbiome (NO one is the same, NO one!  Even twins!). It was developed for you by your mother during pregnancy with you.  Yes, we all have the same general bacterial make up, but there’s a part of those billions that are genetically specific to you thanks to your biological mother!

Through this uniqueness comes our ability to process those foods we eat.  In our manufacturing plant if we don’t have the right employees (bacteria) to, say, process something as benign as spinach, we could end up with Kidney stones. (Say, WHAT!??) Sadly true, for some people, if they don’t have to right bacteria for the digestion of spinach, they can develop Kidney stones.

Can you change this? Yes. Will your employees be able to learn how to process spinach, possibly.  It all boils down to your bio-individuality = recognizing that each of us is unique and has individualized nutritional requirements, from personal tastes, blood types, metabolic rates (your billions of employees) to genetic backgrounds.

To quote Deepak Chopra, “There is NO universal diet that fits all” or another way of thinking is, one person’s health food, diet or lifestyle can be poison to another.  (Personal note, the Keto diet almost did permanent damage to my kidneys, liver and skyrocketed my cholesterol.  Story for another time.)

The point of this analogy is to get you thinking about your body in a different way. One in which you know HOW to fuel it to do the tasks and goals you set for it, from dropping a few pounds or getting ready for that marathon in summer.  You need to be able to help your “employees” do their job or they will and can go on strike = more visits to the restroom after indulging in that high fat meal or that all night’er last night = tummy upset due to that hangover.

If interested to learn more about this or other health related subjects please contact me and let’s get your factory running at full capacity.

In Health & Peace,


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