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A Keeping it REAL post:  Doctor Visits

Ever really look at those “memories” that Facebook shares off and on, like that cute picture you posted in 2013 of your new puppy or that great vacation you took in 2010.  I’ve been noticing that some of my old posts have had a theme, many visits to the doctor and that of being sick.

Fast forward to 2018 and as I look back over my calendar and posts from this year, very few if any are centered around being sick from a cold, serious tummy upsets or chronic headaches. As I sat looking at yet another past post of visiting the doctor in 2010 for “yet another cold”, I had a thought. The only time I’ve seen the doctor this year is for follow-up visits on monitoring my cholesterol levels, or hormone levels.

Hmm, what’s changed to keep me out of the doctor’s office you’re asking?? My diet! That’s the only thing I’ve changed.  By shifting my diet to Whole Foods and Plant Based my body is obviously much healthier and more able to fight off any bug I may be exposed to. I’ve only had a few minor tummy upsets, those due to poor choice in food or over indulgences.

This may not be “scientific” but proof enough to me that you CAN make a difference in your health through nutrition and by doing so save $$. I’m not paying my doctor when I’m buying organic fruit or veggies. I’m paying myself by keeping myself out of my doctor’s office by eating that delicious organic food!

I haven’t done the math yet, but I know that I’ve saved my family over $500 this year alone.  Over time this adds up to real $$ out of your pocket.  Why not invest in your health and pay yourself vs your doctor.

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