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How healthy is your kitchen, is it a ‘Safe Zone’?

A healthy kitchen provides a foundation for a healthy YOU.

If you fill your kitchen with healthy choices, with only those foods that help nourish rather than harm, then you will automatically make healthful choices.  If you fill it with crap, you’ll eat crap and no matter how much willpower you have, you’ll still NOT be or feel healthful.

By “detoxing” your kitchen to that of one of health it’ll be that much simpler to achieve your goals be they, weight loss, more energy, improving gut health, to just an over-all feeling of better health. When you stock your kitchen with just fun, healthy choices your cooking becomes a joy and yes, simpler too, because you’ve done all the hard work upfront, like reading all those labels to ensure that there’s no “icky” stuff in your pantry or refrigerator. And if there is, you made a conscious decision to have it there, and that’s perfectly alright too!

The challenge is to go through your refrigerator and pantry and start to read those labels, then decide if the next time you need a can of soup, will you purchase that same brand or maybe try another brand that’s a tad bit “healthier” in ingredients or maybe even go ‘organic’, OR will you try to make your own. Whatever you decide is great, the thing is to get you reading and THINKING about changes you can make towards a ‘Safe Zone’ in your home.

Keep in mind they don’t have to be massive, just little changes to begin with.  An example of what I mean: read your yogurt labels in your refrigerator if over 9 grams of sugar, next time at the market, take the time and read the other labels, when you find one chose that one. I switched from regular yogurt to Greek, now I’m making another switch to Icelandic. All I’m saying is take baby steps in your changes. You’ll notice over time that your kitchen has been transformed into a Healthful healing space.

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