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I’m sharing my lesson with all of you.

After my colonoscopy today, I got to learn more about my colon and a new word, Diverticulosis. Besides my 2 teeny tiny polyps I have a teeny tiny case of Diverticulosis.

It’s a condition that affects the gastrointestinal tract. Small sacs, called diverticula, bulge out of the wall of your colon. The condition is very common as we age. Estimates are that about half of the U.S. population over 50 has diverticulosis. Most people have it by the time they reach 80. With those statistics in mind, a finding of diverticulosis during a colonoscopy isn’t unusual.

Note: this condition is common in developed or industrialized countries as the United States, England and Australia- where low fiber diets are common. The disease is rare in countries of Asia & Africa, where high-fiber diets are eaten. Do you see the pattern??

Diverticulosis by itself typically doesn’t trigger any symptoms. Rarely, diverticula might bleed, causing blood in the stool. As in my case, diverticulosis is often found during a routine colonoscopy or on an imaging exam, such as a CT scan, that’s done for another reason. You can have diverticulosis for years without any complications or problems. If one or more of the diverticula become inflamed, however, that condition is diverticulitis. (And that’s a whole other post for another day!)

The belief is due to a diet low in fiber is the main cause, however, chronic dehydration can be a factor as well as high use of alcohol and caffeine. This is where diet and lifestyle come into play for most people. In my case my family genes are playing a role as well. According to my Doctor he feels even with the shift in diet and lifestyle along with the 55 pounds I’ve dropped so far, because I had a parent who had polyps this put me at a “higher” risk. It’s all about my favorite word, Bio-Individuality…

The bottom line (excuse the pun) is be sure you are consuming a diet high fiber and I’m not talking about the Fiber One stuff, I’m talking fresh fruits and veggies. Get those green salads going more, add more greens to your smoothies and snack on fruit, seeds and nuts.

As always, it’s all about balance. For myself this apparently is an area of opportunity even though I thought I was Rock’n it…. Time to step up my game.

Look for a few more posts regarding this topic, as I learn more I’ll be sharing with all of you!

In Health & Peace,

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