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GMO’s = Genetically Modified Organisms = NOT a good choice when making healthful food choices.

Talk about another eye opening week for school!  The process of creating GMO foods is science, they are taking a cell from one organism and adding it to another. Example is corn that’s resistant to Round-Up (Yes that Round-Up form Monsanto). They have taken a cell that creates its own herbicide (what kills weeds) and inserting that cell into the cell of corn, then clone that corn and in no time they have a field of corn that’s resistant to the chemical spray used to kill the weeds in amongst the corn. Thus not killing the corn just the weeds.

Now at first glance this sounds great, however, when you dive deeper into the process and the effects on not just plants, the soil but to the animals that are fed this grain, things change. There’s other unintended effects, like if there’s a vineyard next to this corn field (Note this has just happened in Texas this week) and the overspray from the corn field drifted over to the vineyard, and has wiped out a portion of the grapes if not the entire vineyard.

Not to mention the side effects of consuming said modified corn, this exposure is showing that it’s causing a predisposition to diseases and disorders. This process is most common among the following crops, soybeans, cotton, canola, sugar beets and alfalfa. What are some of these diseases and disorders you ask? Celica’s disease for starters as well as other gastrointestinal issues and challenges, and let’s not forget Cancer.   One of the chemicals in Round-Up is a known carcinogen and has been banned in other countries, yet we are happily spraying our crops with the stuff.  (Think about that for a moment!)

I can hear you asking how to avoid these products and crops, by reading those labels AND looking for “non-GMO” marked products. Also when possible go with ORGANIC every time. Yes it costs more, but I ask you are you willing to play Russian roulette with your health or that of your family? I know I’m not. Listed below is more information on how you can avoid the pit falls of GMO products.

This post is purely intended to educate everyone so that we as a nation can make educated, informed decisions on healthful choices of foods to feed our families.

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Even an App (Shop No GMO)


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