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Inspired from a lecture on stress and our body’s reaction, by Libby Weaver PhD.

Did you know that every 10 years as adults our body completely rebuilds and remodels every bone!?? Children rebuild their skeleton every year! Between ages 12-18 we amass 50% of our adult bones.  Think about that, kids ages 12-18 are laying the foundation of their future bone structure, pretty amazing. Now, think on this, what do you see kids eating and drinking within this age range??

(Note, caffeine and stress are 2 things that disrupt the process of building bones)

If you answered crap or unhealthful junk you’d be right. Coke, Pepsi, Red Bull all these contain some form of caffeine. One reason why we see this is due in part to the $1 Billion dolor marketing machines of these companies that have their cross hairs on our nation’s adolescence, convincing them that life is better or they’ll feel better after using their products.

It’s crucial that this change, as we just don’t know what the effects will be 20, 30 or 40 years from now to their health. I can tell ya one thing, some may very well end up with early onset osteoporosis, due to the poor quality diet at such a critical developmental period. All so, look at the stress we put upon their bodies at this stage in life from completive high contact sports. Once injured, not only do their bodies have to heal the injury but then it also has to compensate for the injury. (Meaning, later in life that injury may at some point resurface as a health challenge)

Since starting my training, I’ve always known how important nutrition is, but to hear and learn some of these facts is sobering. To really see that what we put on our spoons, forks and in our glasses REALLY does make a difference with how our body will feel, act and react to its environment.

I wanted to share this as I know some of you have teens or grandchildren who are teens.

It’s something to think about…

Want to learn more about your body and what good nutrition can do?  Contact me for more information..

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