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I will not lie, this week was one of the hardest to get through for school due to the subject matter, Factory Farming of animals.  As an animal rights activist and all around lover of all animals, it’s been rough. In all honesty I just don’t think I’ll be able to purchase any animal product form our local grocery stores again. No, not only from the inhumane treatment, but after learning that from beef to chicken they are fed herbicides, pesticides, hormones and medications and in the end, it’s just not sustainable.  The amount of energy & resources that goes into raising the animals then eating them is far greater than the nutritional energy that we get out of it. For every 1 pound of beef it takes 16 pounds of grain, that amount of grain could feed up to 32 people!  This isn’t even taking into account the amount of water used either.

This subject is a very personal one (when it comes to making a choice to eat animal products or not).  There is no Right or Wrong, just personal choice.

For me, at this moment, I’m conflicted. Yesterday in our local Albertsons as I walked past the butcher dept. I wept. (Yes, I’m really a great big softy, no matter how tough I may try to come across).  When I got home I was going to toss out all of our frozen animal products I’d purchased on sale, even the organic items. I stopped and chose not to. One, the $ spent would be wasted and two, to do so in MY mind would not be honoring the animal.  So in the coming weeks we’ll be using what’s left in our freezer.

In the meantime, I’m going to explore other options, like visiting our local butcher or get to know the one at our farmers market and learn about the manner in which the products they sell were raised, also reach out to a few of our “Co-ops” and learn about their products.  Until I’ve made a decision, I’ll be cooking and preparing plant based whole food meals.

I’ve posted this to get everyone to just STOP and think for a moment. That’s all. I’m not pushing an agenda of any kind, just want to educate, to get everyone thinking vs just going along with the crowd, to think outside the box.

Look for a blog on labeling to help you truly know what it is you are purchasing when it comes to animal products.


Want to learn more about this or other subjects? Send me a message and lets talk….


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