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We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence then is not an act but a habit.

This was from a lecture on the ways of stopping being and striving for Perfection. We all do it. I know it’s an area of opportunity for me. I’ve always strived to be the best at anything I do or try, and that trait has got me into more trouble that I can count. From art classes, to cooking to what I do for a living, massage.

Of course it’s always a good thing to reach for the best, but to seek out Perfection ALL the time can become unhealthful. Like when you cheat on that particular diet you just started, the guilt that’s attached to that cheat can be overwhelming. Trust me, I KNOW, been there, done that. Or the frustration of that art project you started for a class that YOUR picture looks NOTHING like the teachers! Ugh, talk about a conflict within.  (One reason, I left the art class, my conflict with myself and wanting Perfection when I’d only just learned that particular technique.)

I now understand the reasoning behind one of the lectures on being “Bad”. They wanted us to choose an activity or something to be naughty. Like, delete emails without reading, or one student said she’d streak through her apartment. The point is its ok NOT to be perfect. Like the statement says, it’s all about repetition and doing something ALL the time. Practice!

An example is when I first started to massage, there was a gal who could touch you and she knew exactly where to help with the pain. At the time I thought she was “gifted” with the touch. Nope, just years of practice, she’d been providing massage for over 25 years, it’s no wonder she could nail what was happening with the muscles. Today, I can say I am able to provide a like service to my clients. Not because I have some special gift, just over the past 14 years, and over hundreds of hour’s repetition, I’ve gained or programed that muscle memory into my body.

Guess the point is STOP striving to be perfect and embrace the imperfections of yourself and life, and focus on learning how to do something every day to gain that habit, thus excellence

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