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Emotional Pain in the brain registers the same as physical pain. We use Opiates to relieve that pain, Sugar to the body IS an opiate. Thus, the reason we reach for it while in an emotional pained state. It’s just the way we are wired. The trick is to rewire that process. Yes, it’s achievable! Is it easy, nope, but then anything worthwhile tends to be hard. If it were easy, we’d already be doing it.

This came from a lecture on the biochemistry of our guts and brains. Ever wonder why you reach for that ice-ream or bowl of mac and cheese when upset?? I did, I knew I was emotionally eating but the “reason” behind it, not the emotion, but the physiological reason why my body would want me to seek out sugar in any form, from the sweet stuff like ice-cream or to the simple carbs from that mac and cheese.

My brain was seeing an opiate in any form, and as stated, the body sees and treats sugar as an opiate. It’s no wonder we are hooked on the stuff. Besides it being hidden in EVERYTHING in its many, many forms, from plane ol processed white sugar to the high fructose corn syrup.

I bring up this subject because for the past few weeks I’ve been in physical pain and have been frustrated with my constant cravings. Now I understand the reasons behind them and have learned a new way of dealing with them through what I’m being taught at school. I’ve been living on sweet fruit and veggies, working on “crowding out” the crap. YES, it’s worked.

Do I have a treat now and then, you bet. But I no longer have those crazy strong cravings. My body no longer wants or needs that “crap”, I’ve been able to switch to healthier treats.
I encourage you all the next time you catch yourself emotionally eating, first, it’s OK!! Second, you’re hurting and your body wants to change that, so instead of reaching for that ice-cream, may I suggest some carrots or cook up a sweet potato? Those have been my go to and have worked magic…. VERY satisfying AND filling…..

Next, perhaps write what it is you are working through, and get it out of your brain and onto paper.

Just something to think about!

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