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I threaten some folks

For a while now I’ve had folks come up and ask what they should eat to drop weight fast, to stop breaking out on their chins to what to avoid to stop hot flashes, since starting my school.  While feeling flattered that they think highly enough of me and my training to ask, I’m also frightened. I’m frightened because when I suggest perhaps a cut back on say, sugar or alcohol and add more water and sweet veggies, I get dirty looks. I’ve also run into folks that tell me that only their way of eating is the right way. When I agree with them, because I’m thinking of their bio-individuality they get testy with me still!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I represent a threat to them, to their current way of eating or lifestyle. That I’ll limit or take away a favorite food all together. When in reality, should they decide to work with me, I’d add all kinds of goodies to their diet. In fact, my first student coaching client thought I’d take away her chocolate, and was surprised that instead I just asked her to CHANGE type of chocolate and add a few sweet veggies or fruit to her weekly diet.

This got me thinking about what I’ll be doing and how folks may view me. If someone is hooked/addicted on a particular food or food substance, let’s say Doritos and Mac & Cheese, when they start to work with me, I know now that they will feel threatened due to the fear of giving up those favorite food items. I’m here to tell you, I’m not your foe, but friend and ally.

It also sparked this thought that, due to those foods and other unhealthful choices you are not feeling your best and on that cholesterol lowing drug. By getting defensive and dismissive of what I’m offering or suggesting you are through your actions telling me that you’d prefer to feel like crap and stay on that drug. When in reality I KNOW you don’t. You are just afraid. (That’s perfectly OK) You’re afraid of change, and I’d challenge you to look at WHY.

Change is and can be hard, trust me, I know. However, change can be exciting and amazing as well. Think about how amazing you’ll feel when you CHANGE your choice of Doritos to baked Sun chips or kale chips and carrot chips to changing out your Mac & Cheese to a Healthy version.

I know what I’ll be doing will be challenging to both you the client and to myself as coach as well! I too struggle and have struggled with foods, addictions, life for that matter. This is WHY I’m shifting careers to that of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I’ve walked it, now I want to offer ideas, solutions, and help you discover there’s other options out there.  To help you lose the weight without losing your mind.

I want to be your Guide for your ride, not a threat. Someone who’s willing to leap with you and catch you should you fall. Only to help you back up and keep making strides towards your healthier version of YOU.


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In Health & Peace,


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