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What IS HEALING, really???

Been meditating and pondering this for the few months, as life events occur around me that affect me both personally and globally. I’ve come to a conclusion that it isn’t about “fixing” yourself, but that of allowing yourself to be loved and open to love, not only from others but yourself.  In school I’m being taught that healing is really the vehicle through in which we use to ACHIEVE our goals throughout life. It’s not a destination, a number on a scale or even a pant size. It’s where you are, NOW.

Over the years I have sot ways to heal past emotional wounds, only to come to the  realization,  that there will be NO final ‘fixed’ or ‘healed’ version of ME. For I am constantly evolving, changing, growing for the better.  In these crazy times in which we live, I’m quick to respond and not always in kind. (No, not authentically who I am), there’s days I’ll scream and yell in my car, cry my eyes out holding my sweet pup, or yes, I’ve even cursed my life circumstances.  Would I like to stop having these reactions or emotions? Honestly? Yes and No.

At some point I thought that ‘healed’ meant exactly that. Being healed meant finally being free of ALL these impulses or consuming moments, to have attained that goal weight, or gotten off that particular medicine. Now, however, I’ve come to realize, that isn’t it at all.  It’s about my ability to “lean into”, embrace and ride them out, (all of them), to honor myself and say YES to those feelings and moments. For it’s because of THOSE painful moments THAT moves me towards a ‘healed’ space!  I’m learning to embrace those things and myself in entirety, all of my pain, reactions, desires, imperfections and emotions.

By walking through this, THIS is where real HEALING takes place.  It’s in times of being lost that we begin to discover and find ourselves, and authentically become who we are MEANT to be.

THAT’S my version of what true Health is and looks like.


In Peace & Health

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