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Truth, you are HOW & WHAT you eat.

Another truth, with every bite you take you are either feeding your body or breaking it down.

Most disease today stems from the intestinal track, from eating things that aren’t working well for it, thus knocking it out of balance. Meaning your gut flora gets wonky!

Let’s get a few facts out there first. One, up to 65% of your immune system resides in your intestinal track.  Two, Autoimmune disease, Inflammation, and Allergies can develop and start within your “microbiome”, aka your gut, intestinal track.

Now I want you to think about the process of eating and the cascade of events that take place and how something like a dairy allergy can develop. You sit down to that nice big bowl of piping hot mac and cheese straight out the oven. (Yes, this is a favorite of mine)  It tastes soooo good, that instead of savoring it, you wolf it down with little to no chewing. Just, whoosh, your bowl is empty.

Now that mac and cheese is on it’s way to your tummy, where with something akin to battery acid like that of your car battery, starts to break it all down. But, because you didn’t chew very much, there’s huge food particles and your food stays in the belly for only 30 minutes. Normally, that’d be enough time to break down the food into the needed sizes and amino acids and other nutrients for the next step to take place.

However, as your meal travels on to the next stop after the 30 minutes regardless of how broken down or not that mac and cheese is, drops into your Small intestine. Where most of the absorption of all the healthy or unhealthy nutrients and minerals takes place. Normally! Because we didn’t chew well, now the small intestine has to not only absorb the nutrients, but it too has to work hard on breaking down those larger food particles. Something, it really isn’t equipped to handle.

THIS my friends, this is where things can and do get wonky! That mac and cheese was made with REAL cheese and milk, which contains lactose, and since that molecule of lactose didn’t get broken down correctly, it’s now in a larger form and your small intestine is questioning whether or not that lactose is good or bad, friend or foe. So it turns on your immune system right then and there! Your immune system says “Hey, I think this is a bad thing, lets deal with it”.  (It’s all about size)

Thus over time and repetition of this exact process with this particular nutrient, your body now thinks that ALL things containing lactose are invaders and every time you have, say, a bowl of cereal with milk, your body is going to see it as an invader and switch on your immune system, creating potentially an allergy to dairy. (YES, it can be that simple to trigger an Autoimmune response or develop an Allergy)

I think with this illustration, you can see the logic to how and why some diseases can be triggered just by not chewing your meals enough. It also shows just how important it is to be conscious of not only what you eat but HOW.

The next time you eat anything, think about this process. Take the time so SAVOR the FLAVOR…….


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