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Going to ask you all a question, when shopping where do you spend your $$? Is it on organic foods or are you saving a few $$ for those new $200 shoes?

I had a compelling lecture on this very subject, got me thinking, where do “I”, Kris, spend my hard earned $$? I used to think that Organic was too expensive and just passed it by, however, since school, I’ve have a shift in my thought process. If I spend my $$ on high quality foods, like I would medicine, I’m actually investing IN my health and that of my family. Spending $$ up front vs paying the doctor later.

Let’s face it, we as a nation are out of health, we have become accepting of the high rates of disease as the standard normal. I’m here to tell you NO, that’s NOT normal. We’ve been conditioned to believe this because we’ve never questioned it!  We’ve all been taught if there’s a pain, there’s a pill to take, thus suppressing the real issue even deeper, like having a heart-attack.

An example using myself: When I was put on the statins a few years ago I was told that it was all due to my family history of heart disease and that was that! At first, yes, I did buy into that, however, when I started to look at the continued costs and the costs of a potential open-heart surgery (yes that was the direction I was on by buying into the family history) I decided to try to change things on my own. To question the system of health as it was being presented to me.

Guess what, off statins now and am dropping more weight and I’m choosing to invest in my health through buying high quality foods, to treat food AS my medicine. Investing in my health up front vs paying for doctor visits, medications, and potential bypass surgery which costs stupid crazy $$!!

Here’s something that will put this all into perspective, we all know someone or we ourselves, have dropped easily $600 for that new iPhone, but will question paying .75 or more for an organic apple!  Or buy those $200 shoes only to get angry at the $4.99 price for a head of organic cabbage.

Something to think about the next time you go grocery shopping, are you investing in your health?


In Health & Peace,


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