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Cancer, this is a “touchy” subject. Almost all of us have a family member, friend or coworker who knows someone whose life has been touched by this terrible disease. Just hearing the word elicits emotional reactions. The word itself sounds awful, and don’t get me wrong it is a horrible, horrible disease that we need to find a cure for.  I’d like to share a few notes and thoughts from a lecture on cancer and the things we can do through diet to help.

The average American eats 62% of their calories from processed foods which don’t contain any significant amounts of vitamins, minerals or phytochemicals.  These elements are what our bodies use to fight not only cancer but other bacteria and viruses as well. Without these our immune system can’t function at optimal thus can’t protect us from getting ill and leaves us vulnerable. The better nutritional health, the better chance you have of fighting off a virus. Keep in mind that animal products contain NO significant to NO antioxidants or phytochemicals.

The more we eat veggies and whole foods, like seeds or gains we’re able to fix and repair our DNA that’s been damaged by cancer or other pathogens.  Greens are being shown time and time again that they’re a miracle food for protection against cancer. Specifically green cruciferous veggies like, broccoli, cabbage, kale, & bok choy.  They produce compounds that have a powerful effect to arm the body’s ability to reduce free radicals.

Remember those GOMBS

G-reens. O-nions, M-ushrooms, B-eans & berries & S-eeds. (These contain the highest and most powerful anti-cancer elements)

My personal take is that the war will be won, but through the awareness and education of nutrition, not more fundraisers or $$ to big pharma to develop a pill. We have to make changes, not only for us adults, but really for the next generations. We have to get better at educating and empowering the next generation through providing healthier life style choices and better choices of nutrition. When I see mom’s in the grocery stores with kiddos and there’s a Coke or cookie in their hands, I now cringe. Trust me, I was a wee one who always got a glazed doughnut or raw hot dog when I was brought along with my mom to shop. We have to make a change or it’s just going to continue.

I encourage all of you to see not only where you can add more of the above listed veggies and whole foods to your diet, but look to see how you can get a child you know to reach for a carrot vs a cookie if they want a snack. Fill a glass with water and sliced fruit and present it to the child vs a Coke. We must make a stand and take charge of our health.

I know this may come across as controversial, however, we MUST start to have real and meaningful conversations about this topic to elicit any REAL change.

In Health & Peace,


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