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Yep was another sleepless night for me. Reason was I had a few Girl scout cookies and I roasted a few marshmallows last night.  (This past weekend 6 years ago was the last time I got to see my mother before she passed a few weeks later)  When a sugar crash occurs at night my head starts writing. This is just one of what I was so busily drafting at 2 am in my head.

When I was learning emotional tools to deal with some family drama from my LMFT (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist) journaling was one of the many tools she empowered me with. I’ve always jotted notes or thoughts down, but to “write”? Nope, never.  This has become my favorite tool to see what’s inside my heart and give it the time and space needed to heal.

I call it Heart Speak because when you use a pen or pencil, as you hold it in your hand you’re also stimulating your Heart Meridian. (In Chinese medicine it’s a path way in the body where vital energy is said to flow.) This particular meridian starts at your arm pit and runs the length of your arm down to your pinky. (In my world I know it as, “Stinky to Pinky”). Thus its name.

When journaling you want it to be on paper, NOT typing on your laptop or PC. Just doesn’t work the same, again, my thought is because when you write you stimulate that meridian. My LMFT says that when you use electronics your mind, heart and pen aren’t connected or engaged.

As you write just let it flow, doesn’t have to make any sense, just get it out from your gut, heart or mind and onto the paper. Don’t go back and correct any errors just keep going till you feel you’ve got everything out. For me the first few times, I’d be at it for at least 1-2 hours. Once you have everything written, the next step is up to you, you can read what you wrote or just turn the page and get it ready for the next time.

Or you can take it a step further and burn it. I’ve done this a few times when I’ve needed closure or needing to turn it over to the universe (letting it go).  Either way, I see this as a healthy way to purge yourself of emotions or past events. Just letting it go.  You’ll be surprised at just how freeing journaling can be, then to burn it.. Huge.

As far as privacy goes, it’s not recommended that you share these with others, think of this as your personal diary. It’s between you, your heart, mind and your higher power or universe.

I encourage you to give this a try the next time something keeps you up at night, (I got up to write a letter to my mother when she was in the process of passing, I got up at 1 am, and didn’t finish will 6am). Do whatever you need to, whenever you need to, to “cleanse, purge” your soul. I’ve been known to refer to this as Soul Speaking too. You truly tap into your deeper self when you write like this.

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