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Saw a post from someone I know on Facebook about her frustration with weight loss and trying Weight Watchers, again.  I feel her frustration and discouragement. When I tried 3 times, the 3rd time was when I started to get the idea that perhaps “dieting” wasn’t going to work for me. I was aware enough to know that I was and still am an emotional eater. Meaning, when I’m happy I eat, when I’m sad I eat, worried, mad, you get the picture.

I brought this up to my “sponsor” in Weight Watchers and her reply was, “Oh, Kris, we all do that, just try to not eat as much of your comfort food, or try helping yourself to a healthier choice”.  Her answer or words of wisdom didn’t set well with me at all. I was there to get support and I wasn’t getting it. (I felt)  There was no, talk about how to deal with or over-come that urge to eat when feeling an emotion. I was taught no tools.  That week I quit and started a journal. Every time I’d open the fridge, cabinet, goodie jar, bottle of wine, I MADE myself STOP and write what was I thinking, feeling, and what was the trigger of those feelings or thoughts.

Talk about an eye opener! By taking the time and doing this it brought awareness to many things that I needed to resolve. An example was, I needed to set boundaries with a friend and adhere to them. At the time that individual was not particularly healthy to be around, too much drama!  It also showed patterns as well as I learned “triggers” could honestly be anything from a person or an anniversary of a past event.

The point of this post is I want you all to notice when you reach for something to eat, are you really hungry? Or are you working through something or someone? If you are, take the time and honor where you are and those feelings, work through them vs burying them with food or drink.  This way you’re not leaving them to resurface another day.

Awareness is 95% of the solution.

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