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Are you like most people, lost somewhere in the comfort zone with most of your needs met, doing the same thing today that you did yesterday?  Have you lost the sense of genuine excitement in your life?  Have you made decisions based solely on habit, responsibility or the expectations of others that do not honor who you are? Have you lost touch with a compelling vision of what you want your life to be about? Are you missing a depth and richness in your day-to-day existence? Are you bogged down, are you suffering from burnout? Are you overwhelmed or can’t see the sense in it anymore?  Do you sense you might be selling yourself short, or settling for far less than you might?  Rather than a growing sense of excitement, is there a growing deadness about life in the comfort zone?

Coaching Approach: Begin to dream again. Find out what is truly important to you. What does bring you more fully alive?  When was the last time you felt alive; that life was an adventure, and what were you doing then?  What is a dream that you would love to chase if you knew you couldn’t fail?  First find out what is holding you back, then find your passions. When you reconnect to them, you will have the power to overcome your challenges, discover your strengths and make a plan to move ahead. Coaching can help you move out of the comfort prison and into life in a manner of a few sessions.

Pain Zone

If you are in the pain zone you’ll know it.  Some of your important needs are not being met and you suffer with the knowledge that you are living a life, or working in a career, that is not right for you. You may even be suffering from a dis-ease called Depression. Everything is just too much.

Coaching Approach: Let’s first get your needs met, and from there let’s begin to dream again and rediscover the path that will take you forward. What brings you more fully alive?  What gets you excited?  What are you really good at?  When you begin to line up your passions and gifts, it seems that the rest of the universe conspires to assist you.

If you’re interested in more or know someone who’s “stuck” then have them give me a call today

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