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The holidays, I love em! — Keeping in touch with people is great, but there’s something about connecting on that one on one personal level that’s so special. There’s one thing that can be a real challenge though during this merriment: Sticking to a healthy diet during all those rounds of holiday parties and get-togethers. The nibbles at these parties may be small, but I know how easy it is overload on snacks, overeat and have regrets the next day.  Trust me!

Here’s a few tips I put together to help you manage these social situations so that you can stay healthy and not gain weight during the holidays and not have the guilt latter — I’ve followed these, and they really do work!  It is possible to enjoy the holidays without guilt and still indulge a little.

It’s all about moderation and choices!!!!!

Don’t arrive hungry. The hungrier you are, the harder it is to make smart choices. Have a healthy snack (like ¼ cup hummus and cut up veggies), or mini-meal before you arrive. That way, you can focus on the people at the party — not the food.

Make smart appetizer selections. Keep it simple with hors d’oeuvres — stick to proteins and vegetables exclusively. The starchy stuff is less satisfying and also ignites that pleasure center in your brain, making you want more and more, thus you end up over eating. The fiber and protein between the vegetables and lean protein options (chicken, fish, shrimp, steak, egg, tofu) will help to keep you feeling more satisfied and full.

Going to a dinner? Veg up! For meal-focused events, build your plate right. Half to three quarters of it should be full of vegetables of some sort.  That means go for that salad first, this way you are more-full and when reaching for that stuffing you won’t eat as much as you are making your Thanksgiving Day plate.

Don’t go back for more. Stick to one plate, and skip seconds. You’ll be grateful later, when you don’t have indigestion or heart-burn.  You can have that holiday dinner without having extra servings, unless it’s veggies or salad…

Opt for simple cocktails. Fancy holiday cocktails are often full of syrups and excessive calories. Choose simple options, such as a wine spritzer, beer or a two-ingredient cocktail like a vodka and soda. And don’t overdo it — those calories can add up, fast! Follow these tips to help you choose that healthier cocktail. And don’t forget to drink water! For every cocktail you have, drink a glass of water.

Bring your own. Worried you’ll have trouble knowing what’s in the food at the party? Bring your own.

When it comes to those yummy after dinner treats, pick a few and have ONE bite only or go for that cheese cake and take THREE very, slow, satisfying bites. By taking this approach, you are tricking your brains pleasure center to be done with sweets. This way no guilt the following morning!

Drink water!


Have questions or concerns about the holidays and the temptations, let me help you. Give me a call, text or email and I’ll be happy to help you get through the holidays feeling a little lighter.

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