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Offering:  Nutritional Health Coaching 

This is for anyone who wants to make permanent, healthy changes without the guilt trip”

~S. Nitchman, Graphic Artist

“As an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach I provide one-on-one consulting to women struggling with weight, hormonal or thyroid imbalances, type 2 diabetes as well as high cholesterol or blood pressure, achieve their desired health goals with an emphasis on nutrition. Together we create an individualized program tailored to them, providing practical & strategic advice along with accountability.” ~Kris Allen

Lose the weight without losing your mind

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Here’s what clients have to say about my approach and program:

“Kris’ approach is so down to earth, non-judgmental, AND she gives you that nudge that we all need – with such gentleness and conviction – that you can’t help wanting for yourself what she wants for you. She is truly a doll and understands the complex, even painful relationship some of us have with food.” ~C.S., Actress & Comedian

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Meet your Weight Loss Coach, Kris!

“After years of chasing all the ‘unrealistic promises’ of “quick” fix, fad diets, I discovered my own nutritional path and found Freedom! Freedom from unattainable goals, guilt, and shame.  I CAN have my occasional glass of wine and still drop the weight. Eating REAL food gets REAL results!”


After July 31st 2019 Massage Will NO LONGER be provided!


About Kris Allen

Kris Allen is an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, with the desire to inspire & support women through nutrition.

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