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Meet your Wellness expert, Kris!

“Everyone deserves the best from a professional who truly understands human anatomy and physiology when it comes to wellness.”  Kris is studying to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, she is a CA State Certified Massage Therapist & Author.  She has been in Health & Wellness for well over 3 decades.  She also has training not only in body work but Applied Kinesiology as well as Herbology, giving her a unique perspective of the body and what it takes to be healthy

“I believe I help people enjoy a healthy, balanced, grounded lifestyle through the many modalities I’ve learned over the many years from bodywork, meditation & coaching. My enthusiasm stems from a love of health, wellness and inner tranquility and peace. Enjoy this site and explore the benefits of unlocking a stress-free lifestyle to achieve your health and wellness goals.”

– Kris Allen, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach / Author

Professional Certified Massage Therapist, CAMTC #3876

About Kris Allen

Kris Allen is not only a CA State Certified Massage Therapist, but a Reiki Master, as well as an  Integrative Nutrition Health Coach &   Wellness Coach.  She has studied bodywork, energy therapies, learned and practices Herbology, and natural healing since the 80’s. Besides her formal training she also interned with a Chiropractor who tutored and mentored her in Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology.

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CAMTC #3876


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